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Project Description: Linux for PlayStation 2 Community administrative page.

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Latest News
Closing down
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2009-Jun-04 03:49
After 7 years of service, the time has come when we must plan for closing down this site. We appreciate there are some valuable downloads and postings here, and we're looking at continuing to provide an archive of those for you once the site is gone - please let us know what you'd vote for putting in there.

SPS2? VCL? Let us know! We have a few months left to go, but by the end of October 2009 we will be looking at closing down the site as it stands now.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic members of the PS2Linux community!

Server Outage
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - mrich - 2008-Aug-07 14:12
Dear community,

As you may have observed, this server has been down for a period of time. The site suffered a hardware failure and we have been working to restore it. All the content has been preserved, and should now be available.

We apologise for the time the restoration has taken. Please let us know if you find any problems using this restored service.

Sony Computer Entertainment
PS2Linux pros at DevStation
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2007-May-04 03:37
A group of the long-time #sps2 irc channel users met up at the SCEE DevStation developer event in London last night. Hello to sparky, bjt, kazan, jbit and nervus, it's great to see developers from Linux on PS2 going pro :)
Changes to PAL Linux kit items and pricing
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2006-Jul-04 08:31
News for PAL territories: As the USB mice and keyboards are no longer available, we are now offering a reduced set of items for 119 + tax (or 79 + tax if you claim the education price). We are also pleased to offer a smaller bundle of just the Linux DVDs and the monitor cable for 25 + tax.

Please see for ordering information.

Schedule: Server maintenance (1/3/06 from 2PM - 6PM PST)
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - rhuang - 2006-Feb-02 18:16
This notice is to notify everyone that there will be a server maintenance downtime tomorrow 1/3/06.

Starting at 2PM PST tomorrow, the server will be offline while I am upgrading the server OS and applications.

I am hoping that the downtime will not take longer than scheduled.

Sorry for the short notice.


UK: talk on PlayStation technology
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2005-Oct-24 03:54
Students in Glasgow, Scotland may be interested in a talk on PlayStation technology happening this Tuesday 25th October, hosted by the BCS in Glasgow.

We look forward to seeing you there!

UK: Original size PlayStation 2 units available
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2005-Aug-11 01:13
Looking for an original size PlayStation 2 unit to use with your Linux kit? Interactive Ideas are offering original size PlayStation 2 units for 92.99 UKP and official Memory Cards (8MB) (for PlayStation 2) for 19.99 UKP. Please contact if you're interested in this offer. Please note that these units are supplied with a UK power cable and are compatible with European voltages only; they are not available or suitable for use in North America.
UK: PlayStation 2 development prize awards
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2005-Aug-07 17:23
Congratulations to James Bird, Grant Norrie and Laurence Emms, all studying Computer Games Technology at the University of Abertay Dundee. I'm pleased to announce that they have all been awarded a prize for outstanding development work on the PlayStation 2 during their course this year - well done guys! James' prize also includes a Linux kit for himself - and a PlayStation 2 to use it with - courtesy of SCEE.
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Happy New Year!
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2005-Jan-04 10:11
Please accept our sincere apologies for the downtime over this Christmas holiday. Unfortunately the site had to be taken down due to problems on our server; with many thanks to Roger the site is now back up and running.
Everything has been preserved - forums, accounts, projects, files; though we are still in the process of moving over the subversion repositories.
If you have any problems with the site you can email me using my username at our website's domain,
Happy New Year and best wishes from SCE for 2005!
Season's Greetings!
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2004-Dec-13 07:28
Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Maghi over the next few weeks, SCE wish you a very happy festive season. Happy holidays from us all.
If you want something fun to get into over the holidays but you're not into graphics, why not try Nethack? Thanks to Cronocloud for the guide.

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