Sync on Green DB

ManufacturerModelUser NameStatusComments
Acer211cxbskidTested WorkingWorks just fine.
Acer7133SvicviperTested Not WorkingConstantly Rolling display. Far from readable. (The model # could be wrong. I read it from the label on the back.)
Acer7377xemoanderTested Not WorkingSays 'No Connection' No option on OSD
Acer99SLdarksnipeTested Not WorkingNo Signal
AcerAC707xanagnoTested Not WorkingBlank Screen - No Signal
AcerAcerView 54e (7154e)johnshueTested Not Workingrolling display, very dim and green
AcerAcerview 55chandlerb2kTested Not Workingrolling display, very dim and green
AcerAcerView 56eazhraelTested Not WorkingBlank screen, no signal
AcerAcerview 56Lsteven_leeTested Not Workingrolling display, very dim and green.
AcerAcerView 76cjstandreTested Not Working
AcerAcerview 76ekleungTested Not WorkingNo boot, console, or X screen.
AcerAcerView 99cfrancojcTested WorkingWorks from Linux boot menu on....
AcerAL1912david-kingTested Not WorkingBlack screen. Monitor doesnt wake
AcerAL1931carbiTested Not WorkingBlank screen, no signal ("LCD Monitor Multimedia" NOT supporting sync on green)
AcerAL715theelterTested Not WorkingBlank screen, no signal
AcerG772vilnios84Tested Not Workingno signal, blank screen
AcerP791 (7379xg)alelorcaTested Working
ACER77ecyber_raven13Vendor Claims Should Not Worki downloaded the application from and pressed ctrl-f5, then pressed the 'translate EDID' button and my moniter's stats showed up but it did not say sync on green
ACER77e ( 7277e on backside )mexTested Not WorkingNO SIGNAL
AcornAKF50cybinTested Not Workingblack screen
ADiMicroscan G700robcamTested Not WorkingJust get flickery picture
ADIMicroscan 4AtjcjrTested Not WorkingRapidly rolling picture
ADIMicroscan 4GPzetor75fiTested Not WorkingBlack screen. Monitor does not wake up.
ADIMicroscan 5GschkubeTested WorkingWorks during install -- *except* it blacks-out during DiskDruid and near the end of the package installation.
ADIMicroscan 5VandyoTested Not WorkingBlank screen
ADIMicroscan 6PrbellisTested Not Workingrolling picture
ADIMicroScan E44lucoxadeTested Not WorkingBlack Screen with "Check Video Cable" displayed, doh!
ADIMicroscan G17hsfortunaTested Not WorkingRolling display - unreadable
ADIMicroscan G66themanTested Not Working"Check VGA Signal", rolling diagonal yellow/green lines.
ADIMicroscan PD-15P+ CM700cyberdoggTested Not WorkingRolling display
ADIMicroscan PD-697sdtTested Not Workingblank screen
ADIProVistadeepsighTested Not WorkingUseless flickery picture and OSD error message
Advent (rebadged WAN)14" LCD DisplaypsychopinguTested Not WorkingIts the silver and grey monitor - no signal displayed on screen.
AG neovoF-15lokiakhanTested Not WorkingDidn't work for me, no signal and goes to power save mode.
AG NeovoF-15euqusTested Workingworks good
AG Neovos-15 s-17 s-18 s-19vldTested WorkingIt works !
all2all2squallstrifeTested Working...on after this point probably use the sync signal they detected when they powered up, until powered off and on again.
AmdekAMDEK432kthTested Not WorkingWon't Sync
AMWCM1772PFcligTested Not WorkingTested with xbox. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and goes to sleep.
aoc193fwsceips8Tested Not Workingblank screen
AOC7ElrrobbybeastTested Not WorkingNothing
AOC7FtastyotherTested Not WorkingNo response until lead disconnected; either doesn't sense monitor or shuts down when no sync.
AOC7GlrconcordTested Not WorkingScreen says NO SIGNAL
AOCCM-735crashTested Workingworks great
AOCLM-700fatgrahamTested Not Workingdoesnt recieve a signal
AOCLM729 (17" LCD)pickledfishTested WorkingWorks great. Got it on sale at Fry's Electonics for only $299.99 USD This monitor includes height adjustment and side-to-side swivel. The unit also pivots for switching between landscape and portrait mode.
AOCLM-919jontyTested Working19" TFT. Looks great. May need to turn the power off and then back on in order to reset the sync, particularly when switching between DVI and analogue inputs.
AOCSpectrum 7GlrxentekjcTested Not WorkingGave it a shot. Not working.
AOCSpectrum 7GlraxsVendor Claims Should Not WorkAsked AOC support, they replied S-o-G is not supported.
AOCSpectrum 9Glrssquall410Tested Not WorkingNothing comes up at all
AOpenF50LSvilnios84Tested Not Workingblank screen
AOpenVM7ERDA-S1Blittle_nickyTested Not Working
AppleM1212stashmanTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
AppleMultiple Scan 1705andresTested Not WorkingBlank screen - no activity
AppleStudio Display 15fmisereyTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
AppleStudio Display 17wufnirTested Not WorkingRien, Ă©cran reste en stand by (Blank screen)
AppleStudio Display 21" CRTzjsmetanaTested Not WorkingI looked in my monitor manual and it is VESA Compatible with few resolutions, I tried them, but they don't work.
Arche214MHtjcjrTested Not WorkingBlank screen
ASTASTvision 7HshokwaveTested WorkingTurn on monitor after PS2 boots.
ASTASTVision 7LsockmonkeyTested WorkingWorks Fine, No problems, 17" Monitor
ASTVision 4irprinceTested Not WorkingI think it's the 4i. Did not work for me. EDID suggests 'Analogue Composite Sync on Green', but it did not work in practice.
ASTVision 5LmaffTested Not WorkingNo picture at all
AurigaColorPro 17 CF (KM-712) 17"martinsTested Not Workingjust flickers green lines
AurigaColorPro 17HFkipoTested WorkingSweet!
AurigaColorPro 19DtanmanTested WorkingNo problems at all. Giant 19" monitor that weighs a tonne!!
AXIONCL-1566simpaceTested Not WorkingBlack screen. I don`t know if the model number is right. I found a sticker on the back and there was a number but i don`t know if it is the model.
AydinRanger 17F2pidgeonTested WorkingKeeps losing signal during disk partitioning, otherwise OK (use switch on the back to select Sync on Green).
Belinea10 30 15fnuzbitTested Not WorkingMoniteor goes into powersaving mode
Belinea10 30 20rdk_nlVendor Claims Should Not WorkCalled "Belinea Netherlands", told only expensive models support SoG, not "starters".
Belinea10 30 80goodingrTested Not WorkingMonitor displays no signal present
Belinea10 60 30ricardoTested Not WorkingMonitor goes into powersaving mode
Belinea10 60 35tyrioneagleTested Not WorkingBlank Screen, slowly flashing power light
Belinea10 60 90flukeTested WorkingNo problem at all...
Belinea10 60 95cleaverTested Not WorkingShows test screen with corrupt images. Can make out PS2 logo and RTE, but not legible.
BelkinOmniview Pro2ccfparkTested Not WorkingWhen connected directly to my monitor (IBM P200) I have no problems, but when connected via the KVM (Omniview Pro2) I get no signal to the monitor.
BenqFP767-12ljc2000Tested Not WorkingNo signal when plugged in.
BenqFP937sjchlTested Not Working(19in LCD) No signal detected
BenQFP71G+Span69Tested Not WorkingLCD
BenQH200iamdigitalmanVendor Claims Should Workjust got the e-mail. beautiful 20.1" Flat Panel LCD HDTV/Monitor. I still need to get the kit. anyone wanna donate one to me?
BENQG900WDsceips8Tested Workinglcd
Blanco5DL-N MultisyncaxsTested Not WorkingGarbled screen, unreadable
BridgeBM17Ckaneda-sanTested Not Workingjust black screen
BrotherBM-70little_nickyTested Not Working
CasperTM5155kthTested Not WorkingNothing
CheerVC 15 VLMFbluetekTested Not WorkingRolling Picture
CMV/PolyviewCT-934D (19 inch LCD)textbookTested Not WorkingTested with Xbox, needed sync separator circuit to work
ComaqS710neiltroddenTested Not WorkingNo picture, just turns off monitor
Commodore1960jaseTested Not WorkingPity, because it does 15Khz too...
CommodoreCommodore 1950canoaTested Not WorkingNothing new, only alls the resolutions of Amiga computers.
Comodore1950-BrciTested Not WorkingBlack Srceen / Encăn preto
compaq7550illypsoTested Not WorkingContinues to show NO SIGNAL , even after reboot and reconnect
compaq7550illypsoTested WorkingContinues to show NO SIGNAL , even after reboot and reconnect
compaqfs740sharkman_51Tested Not WorkingImmediately goes into sleep mode upon boot up. How do I fix the problem.
compaqpresario mv700matthewtTested Not Working
compaqtft-5005micheldegoedeTested Not Workingblack screen
Compaq1024hyrcanTested Not WorkingBlank screen, nadda...
Compaq140 (473A)gerbercjTested Not WorkingBlack Screen
Compaq1425evaccaTested Not Working
Compaq14" Tube - Model No. 471PsvetliTested Not WorkingGood monitor but doesn't work - Black screen
Compaq151 FSfwernerTested Not WorkingNo picture (15" Color VGA)
Compaq1525beartecncTested Not WorkingNot a stable video
Compaq1725rodionpunkTested Not WorkingBlack screen, nothing else.
Compaq461lonewolf1Tested Not WorkingJust nothing on screen
Compaq7500nismorTested Not WorkingContinues to show NO SIGNAL , even after reboot and reconnect
CompaqCV515the2ndcloryTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
CompaqCV715twizt3dTested Not Working"No Singal"
CompaqFS740mmuletTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
CompaqMV520kozlo85Tested Not WorkingNo Signal :(
CompaqMV520nascar15pearceTested Not WorkingNO SIGNAL !!!!!!!!!
CompaqMV540edrickvTested Not WorkingSync On Green was listed in one part of the EDID info, but not another. Doesn't seem to recognize the signal as a signal.
CompaqMV700rcarlsenTested Not WorkingNo picture, monitor goes off.
CompaqMV720lilcorzempaTested Not WorkingNo "sync on green" compatibility.
CompaqMV740scifienceTested Not WorkingActs like there is no signal at all - blank screen.
CompaqMV900mmitchelTested Not WorkingNo Picture, Monitor Goes Off
CompaqP110mikehooperTested Working
CompaqP110mmitchelTested WorkingVideo always in sync; became stable after a few minutes.
CompaqP1210rcarlsenTested WorkingWorks straight out of the box
CompaqP75cloudheartTested WorkingTurn on PS2 then power on monitor...Wait then will work, works good
CompaqPresario 14SVmattwolfewvuTested Not Workinggarbled, rolling picture
CompaqPresario V410gradthrawnTested Not Working
CompaqQvision 210lvdboschTested WorkingWorks fine.
CompaqS500andresTested Not Working
CompaqS510robbybeastTested Not WorkingBlank screen, flashing power led
CompaqS700togusaTested Not WorkingIt doesn't work at all
CompaqTFT5015jeff151Tested WorkingLCD MONITOR
CompaqTFT5015sirflakeyTested WorkingLCD Panel - works fine
CompaqTFT7020tmanTested Not WorkingCan't sync properly and enters failsafe mode.
CompaqTFT8020absolut_toddTested WorkingLCD Panel. Works great
CompaqV70mmitchelTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
CompaqV75fidschiTested Not WorkingThe monitor doesn't wake up. Blank...
CompaqV900mlarTested Not Workingmanual does not mention sync on green either
Compudyne15" Multi ScanzjsmetanaTested Not WorkingVESA Compatible with 600X800 res. only and it only shows scaling distortion.
CompUSA PC9APT83200457neptuneTested WorkingWorked when the PS2Linux DVD1 started up...amazed really, no model number only serial...Mine was manufactured August 1998
Cornea SystemsCT1700mvhVendor Claims Should Not WorkTech Support Rep said did not have Sync on Green
CornerStoneColor 20/77 (CD2077A/01)emraineyTested WorkingWorked like a charm, it's a monster monitor though.
CornerStonep2450arscalvinTested WorkingWorks perfectly, the engineer at CornerStone said he thinks all of their monitors support Sync on Green, but call just in case :)
CTX1565DsduensinVendor Claims Should WorkNothing. Black screen.
CTX1569ESjrobTested Not Workingno imput signal. some rolling effect in background.
CTX1569MSsimoneclipseTested WorkingNo problems at all
CTX1765GMplunketTested Workingflawless
CTX1765SrobcamTested WorkingNo problem with this one
CTX1785SmbarnesTested Working
CTX6468cyber_raven13Tested Not WorkingAbsolutely Nothing
CTX6468cyber_raven13Vendor Claims Should WorkI believe this one should work but until i get linx(ps2) could someone please test it
CTXCLR 1451rciTested Not WorkingEncră fica Negro / Nothing
CTXPL7null_pointerTested Not Working
CTXPL9beartecncTested Not WorkingNo signal displayed
CTXPR710cookie_monsterTested WorkingThis monitor works perfect, as specified. PR=Profesional, VL=Value :P
CTXPR711FnephilaTested Not WorkingSoG supported, but screens with blue backgrounds don't display properly and are unusable.
CTXVL400littlebrotherTested Not WorkingNothing. Totally blank. SoG SUX
CTXVL500mop414Tested Not WorkingRolling Screen
CTXVL500pimpbotTested Not Workingdisplay is distorted and rolls
CTXVL700ginoTested Not Workingconstantly rolling display how did any one get this to work with VL700 model ??
CTXVL700johnshueTested Not Workingconstantly rolling display
CTXVL710fromanielloTested Not WorkingNothing, NADA
CTXVL950antigravTested Not Working
CTXVL950ThalimanhTested Not WorkingDid not work. It works after I made the converter
CTX VL700backslashTested Workingworks fine for me, just give it 20 seconds to kick on.
CYSTALOS-14RrciTested Not WorkingBlack Srceen / green light blink's - Encăn preto e a luz verde pisca
Dabsvalue19" TFT TCO 99jontyTested WorkingThis refers to the LM-919 model manufactured by AOC for Dabs. Please see AOC LM-919 for comments.
Daewoo531XconsolegamerTested Not Working
Daewoo719BconsolegamerTested Not Working
Daewoo905DFconsolegamerTested Not Working
DaewooCMC-1414BAkthTested Working
DavisDLX650jbrentonTested Not Workingprojector; vga input
DeawooLCD15WY-SIfr_jihemTested WorkingGreat :) This one is working (and cheap too).
delld1028LagentchenTested Not Working
Dell1000LSdrfosterTested Not WorkingNothin', Zilcho, Nadda
Dell1025TMbruzasdTested Workinggive it 30 seconds and it comes right up
Dell1028LRjulianclintonTested Not WorkingBlack screen - "Check Cable"
Dell1701FPbyensonTested WorkingMonitor doesn't detect signal immediately and goes to powersave. After 30 seconds, press the input select button and it should work fine from there.
Dell1702FPjbrentonTested Not Workingblank screen; stays in sleep mode
Dell1703FPedharaTested Working17" LCD monitor. No problems.
Dell1703FPwaxorTested WorkingWorks great.
Dell1704FPt butchcassidyTested WorkingThis is one sexy monitor. Anyways it takes about two seconds to sync but it is HOT!!!
Dell1726T Trinitronbigman606Tested Working17" monitor worked from the start. Boot up PS2 and then connected monitor. All is well
Dell1728/TCOtyrioneagleTested Not WorkingCompressed blank white rolling screen, OSD menu corrupted
Dell1905FPorlandolTested WorkingSays at first that it can't read the signal, but after several seconds it works.
Dell2001FPfafhrdTested Workingworks for console and X just fine
Dell2405FPWlotodescendentTested Working
Dell2405FPWmollyhackitTested WorkingWorks fine, using component cables DTV modes work too
Dell828FItyrioneagleTested Not WorkingBlank screen
DellD1025HE (1000HS Series)bartvhTested Not Workingout of sync display
DellD1025HTcookie_monsterTested WorkingTrinitron 17", works fine
DellD1025HTXrichVendor Claims Should Workon dell's support page this model's specs show it as having SoG
DellD1025TMjbrentonTested Working
DellD1226HlrsmithTested Working
DellD1226HundertowTested WorkingTurn on PS2 first, then monitor
DellD1526TX-HS (Ultrascan 15TX)edharaTested WorkingWorks perfectly (think its a Sony rebrand). Took almost 30 sec. for picture to sync up.
DellD1538-LSdcutler299Tested Not WorkingConstantly rolling display
DellD1626HTtymekillerTested WorkingWorks perfectly, 21" screen
DellD1726-HSmaltloafTested WorkingWait for RTE screen to come up - works nice
DellD1728D-LSjbrentonTested Working
DellD825HTjmscott42Tested WorkingBoot PS2 first (let it go long enough to display a screen) before turning monitor on.
DellE151FP (LCD)No User IdTested Not WorkingBlank screen.
DellE151FPpskeptik1Tested Not WorkingPurchased on 3/18/03, did not work despite other review that it does. Dell is good at returns though.
DellE151FPpviper87Tested Workingworks perfectly - nice lcd screen
DellE171FPbkennybabyTested Not WorkingNothing
DellE173FPbkennybabyTested Not WorkingNothing
DellE551mop414Tested Not WorkingRolling Screen
DellE770sdeforTested Not WorkingNo signal.
DellE770s (066GCN)mark_f1manTested Not Working
DellE771accnTested Not Workingno response
DellE771pstinkypaulTested Not WorkingCheck Signal on screen
DellE771p (011FKD)mark_f1manTested Not Working
DellES-17bootleggerTested Not WorkingNothing at all displayed - no sync.
DellM1781goatmanTested Not WorkingNoDDa
DellM570tyrioneagleTested Not WorkingBlank Screen, flashing power light
DellM770brooklynwalkerTested Not WorkingJust keeps saying "check signal cable"
DellM780deforTested Not WorkingNo signal.
DellM780firebrand9Tested Not Working
DellM781goatmanTested Not WorkingNothing Please dont mind M1781 i messed up
DellM782prrossiTested Not Workingjust says "Check Signal Cable"
DellM990dcutler299Tested Not WorkingMonitor reports check signal cable
DellM991jgogganTested Not Working"Check Signal Cable" -- no option in OSD to enable SoG.
DellM991krisTested WorkingNo PS2 startup screen, but works fine from boot screen on. Tested 800x600 1024x768 and 1280x1024
DellP1130aaireTested Working
DellP780dial0gVendor Claims Should WorkMonitor is really a Sony Trinitron FD tube and sync-on-green works with my o2 so should work with ps2linux just fine
DellP780lordofduhTested WorkingI had the image blinking problem too - to fix this, turn on monitor, and turn off PS2 from switch in back of system, connect everything, and then power up the PS2... No flickering will occur!!
DellP991andykassTested Working19" Trinitron rebadged. No problems
DellP991bjtTested WorkingWorks fine.
DellP992lparkesTested WorkingRebadged Trinitron
DellUltraScan 800HSilwoodyTested Workingboot ps2 first then turn on monitor
DellUltrascan P1110neiltroddenTested WorkingTrinitron screen - works perfectly
DellUltrascan P780talconTested WorkingHere's the fix.. as root - edit /etc/X11/XGSConfig and comment out the FrameRate 60 line, then uncomment the FrameRate 75 line - Enjoy!
DellUltrascan P790asandiniTested Not WorkingFlickering Screen. OSD claims no signal, cable disconnected
DellUltrascan P990jbrentonTested Working
DellUltra Scan P990justinsaundersTested WorkingThis is a rebadged Trinitron so no surprises.
DellUltraScan P991fluffyTested Working
DellUltraScan VC5Elonewolf1Tested WorkingOld 14" Dell monitor. Works great in 800x600@70
DellUltrasharp FP1800pan0kTested WorkingWorks great - no problem of any kind
DellV1528Elonewolf1Tested Not WorkingStay in Standby mode.
Dell P780pbernascTested Not Workingcan't stop sync, says "PC freq" out of range. Image shows up but keep switching on /off
DELL1500FPaarons924Tested Not WorkingNo Video Signal on this one either
DELL1503FPaarons924Tested Not WorkingNo Video Signal. Tried all tricks.
DELL1504FPmxmaldoTested Not WorkingNothing, Nada
DELLD825TMinkmanTested Workingworks nicely, no problems
DELLE771aagentchenTested Not Workingsorry, submit it wrong the first time
DELLUltraScan P991philippe23Tested Working
DevilEX9SPblascoTested Working
DIAMONDCM-1554NELnilsTested Not Workingdisplay is distorted and rolls in b/w
diconnv1500michaelmcTested Not Workingdamn only just got linux cant even get it to work.
diconNV1500sonyuserTested Not Workingosd works, but othervise, a black screen
DigitalPCXBV-EYcarbsTested Not WorkingSelf Diagnostics says no cable, garbage on screen (behind OSD)
DigitalPCXBV-KBastrahleTested WorkingThis 17" monitor works a treat! Just set to sync on green in On Screen Display (OSD).
DigitalPCXCV-BWdeforTested Not WorkingRotates through Green/Blue/Black Screens, sign of no compatible signal.
DigitalVRC-16jarobertsonTested WorkingWorks OK.
DigitalVRTX7-W3knightsTested WorkingWorks Great
Digital Equipment Products DECVRC21-HAgpc2600Tested WorkingThis 20" monitor has Sony Guts
Eizo563-TsmarttvTested Working
Eizo8060S-EUmexTested WorkingMy old Multisync from Aug 87 which i have kept for my Amiga CDTV finaly works with the PS2, it even trys to display the PAL-TV resolution to which it cant sync
EizoF56bjtTested WorkingWorks perfectly
EizoF56frankiboyTested WorkingNo problems.
EizoF56ritzerTested WorkingRock solid, crisp and nice
EizoFlexScan F520saraheVendor Claims Should WorkSync on green 0.3 Vp-p, Negative
EizoFlexScan F55dvvkomTested WorkingWorks fine!
EizoFlexscan F553-MmhoustonTested WorkingTakes a few seconds to show initial screen but then rock solid!
EizoFlexScan F67stpeTested WorkingWorks fine
EizoFlexscan L66luxuryboyTested WorkingPerfect picture
EizoFlexscan L675 piersbTested Not WorkingI get a blank screen with this one
EizoFlexscan L685saraheTested Working
EizoFlexScan T662-TdaiceTested Working
EizoFlexScan T68smurf1974Tested WorkingNo problems
Eizol330arensmrVendor Claims Should Not WorkCustomer support verified it is not compatible with sync on green
EizoT-765newlyTested WorkingWell Done
Eizo Flexscan L675 weisimTested Workingworks sweeeet. =)
EIZOFlexScan F550i-WbrichnerTested Workingstays the first seconds in powersafe-mode, then switches on
EIZOFlexScan F552-MxenoistTested WorkingWorks fine !
EIZOFlexscan L371piersbTested Not WorkingNo signal detected
EIZO (Nanao)T560iJsebringTested WorkingNo problem.
elonextommy_a100Tested Not Working
elonextommy_a100Tested Working
eMachinesE15T4 TFT LCDcligTested Not WorkingTested with Xbox, Monitor goes into power save and light turns yellow. Nothing at all on the screen.
eMachineseView 17senygmaTested Not WorkingWouldn't take signal
EmachineseView 15spajoeTested Not Workingconstant rolling,twisted,and compressed picture -unreadable
EMC MultisystemsSA-560azhraelTested Not WorkingNo signal detected.
EMC MultisystemsSA-770laser63Tested Not Workingno power past relay/no stand by power
EMC MultisystemsSA- 770mindorTested Not WorkingJust Blank Screen-
Envision7100SdesspairTested Not WorkingStays in power save mode (17" Flat Screen)
Envision710ethackrayTested Not WorkingDoes not work. Have to reboot my pc after testing to reset the monitor - it gets screwed up trying to test on ps2. Dont use this one.
EnvisionEN-5100consolegamerTested Not WorkingLCD
EnvisionEn-7100egooruTested Not WorkingStays in powersave mode.
EnvisionEN-9110reallylongnameTested Working19" LCD Monitor. Apparently SOG is supported on larger models.
EpsonEMP S1tastyotherTested WorkingLCD Projector - may have to sense SOG as Playstation Logo at boot is green, but from then on colours are normal. Can support 1024 x 768, will attempt higher but unreadable.
fujitsue177tig93Tested Not Workingrolling picture
FujitsuC770tyrioneagleTested Not WorkingScreen stays blank, OSD menu will not appear
FujitsuC993cybinTested Not Workingno signal
Fujitsue213s4psycicTested Working
FujitsuErgoPro 171pbondarTested Working
FujitsuPDS4221-W-HdkTested Working42" plasma. Works in VGA and DTV modes.
Fujitsu SiemensC994 ScaleoalelorcaTested Not WorkingNo way, no signal effect
Fujitsu SiemensLCD 4612 FAxtvTested Workingon console-startup: no signal; after booting from dvd disc1: all perfect; run install, started x - everything okay
Fujitsu Siemens Myrica V32-1 (LCD-TV)yellowTested Not WorkingNo signal
Fujitsu-SiemensC900mcleppaTested Not WorkingBlack screen
Fujitsu-SiemensCTM - 5010 canoaTested Not WorkingNo Signal.
FuturaLV770 (L7031LD)jsedwardsTested Not WorkingVarious colored horizontal lines across screen
Future Power17DB06shokwaveTested Not Working
gatewayev700rabreuTested Not Working
GatewayEV700epoitierTested Not Working
GatewayEV700malcomxTested WorkingIt Works Perfectly
GatewayEV730maupasa69Tested Not Workingdoes not work at all!
GatewayEV910richmond12117Tested Not Working
GatewayFPD1530enygmaTested Not WorkingWouldn't take signal
GatewayVivitronkamuiTested WorkingTurn the monitor on ,then the PS2,load the linux cd and there you go!
GatewayVX1100sponyxTested Working
GatewayVX700samson7point1Tested Not WorkingDoes not detect the signal at all
GatewayVX900xsnakeTested Working
GatewayVX920penguinmasterTested Not Working
GateWay 200Vivitron 1572yomonkeyTested WorkingWorks great! Boot ps2 Linux first; then monitor.
Gateway2000EV700billjoni23Tested Not WorkingNOTHING
Gateway 2000CrystalScan 15moanderTested Not Workingflickering screen
Gateway 2000Crystalscan 1572DGfirebrand9Tested Not Working
Gateway 2000EV500limbiksysTested Not WorkingScreen flickers, then goes dark afterwhile.
Gateway 2000EV500nephilaTested Not WorkingDoesn't support SoG
Gateway 2000EV900hbmTested Not Working
Gateway 2000Vivitron 1572 (CPD-15F13)jag110270Tested Not WorkingWorks OK in boot screens & text mode. Flashing image in X windows. Mfrd. Nov. 1994 by Sony.
Gateway 2000Vivitron 17adraco2000Tested WorkingLooks Great!!
Gateway 2000Vivitron 1776 (CPD-17F13)drsheepTested WorkingMade in Oct 1995, so this should be a Sony Model.
Gateway 2000Vivitron 1776 (MON017004AAWW)darleioTested Not WorkingI hope some people be more technical. There is a big difference if it's a Vivitron 17 & Vivitron 1776. Also my Vivitron 1776 is not by Sony® by the way. It's stupid Magtronics. Please check if the Vivitron 1776 is Sony® (MON017003AAWW). Thanks!
Gateway 2000Vivitron 1776 (non-Sony ver)jpayneTested Not WorkingDoes not work on my non-Sony version. See:
Gateway 2000Vivitron 21snakeplTested WorkingTested and works perfectly with this cable
Gateway (Sony)Vivitron 15 (CPD-15f23swannyTested WorkingLooks Great
GemGL-822AenygmaTested Not WorkingWouldn't take signal
GemH770 BXenygmaTested Not WorkingWouldn't take signal
GEMDE-986demigawdTested Not WorkingMonitor says no signal check cable
GEMGL-L17AAM (flatscreen)gavindoughtieTested Workingstill formatting disk, but character mode works fine
GNRCM1772FSkalurielTested Not WorkingNothing
GVision USA (KOGi)L4BXconsolegamerTested Not WorkingLCD
GVision USA (KOGi)L7EH-TAemraineyTested Not WorkingTested. Spec does not explicitly support SOG.
Hansol2100asapphiretigerTested Working
Hansol500AyosibaTested Not Workingno signal
Hansol701PsologntTested Not Workingno display (although specs sais it can handle sync on green)
Hansol720AlunaticpandoraTested Not WorkingNope. Nothing.
Hansol720ErsandersivTested Not WorkingNo Picture At all
Hansol900P (B19BL)tyrioneagleTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
HansolH550yellowTested Not WorkingNo signal
HansolMazellan 700AwaxorTested Not Workingstay in sleep mode. Does not work.
HantarexTECNO 1428SEgiaromeTested Not WorkingNo Synch
HeadFE 561 Model 568 (LCD)jc42Tested Not WorkingBlack screen
Hercules920PromortenTested WorkingWorks without any problems
Hewlett PackardA4033Anegative_protonTested Working"20" monitor... is friends... Works... but a tank...
Hewlett PackardA4033BstinkypaulTested WorkingHA! the old trusty rusty works.
Hewlett PackardD2806Alittle_nickyTested Not Working
Hewlett PackardD2808mop414Tested Not WorkingNothing on Screen
Hewlett PackardD2825stinkypaulTested Not Workingas if in standby mode. no screen, blinking orange light.
Hewlett PackardD2828AconsolegamerTested Not Working
Hewlett PackardD2837primeTested Not WorkingNothing, this monitor will not work
Hewlett PackardD2842Azetor75fiTested Not Workingjust blinking garbage on screen
Hewlett PackardD5258Ahal15900Tested Not WorkingNo Picture, Orange Light
Hewlett PackardErgo - D2830AstinkypaulTested Not Workingacts just as if standby mode
Hewlett PackardHP75farawyTested Not WorkingMonitor recognizes connection, but no image...
Hewlett PackardMX70enygmaTested Not WorkingThis monitor will not work
Hewlett PackardMX70xtraTested WorkingYep!
Hewlett PackardMX 70zjsmetanaTested Not WorkingScreen keeps asking to recheck video cable
Hewlett PackardP1288A (v70)hal15900Tested Not WorkingError Message: No Signal, Check cable connection
Hewlett PackardPavilion M50 (Model: CD5258A)pretty_kittyTested Not WorkingAgain, it sat there with a black look in its tubie ;)
Hewlett PackardPavilion M70vicviperTested Not WorkingBlank screen; as if there were no signal.
Hewlett-PackardD2819AfwernerTested WorkingWorks fine!
Hewlett-PackardD2839AfwernerTested Not WorkingDoes not wake up from power-save-mode
Hewlett-PackardHP71fwernerTested Not Working"no connection"
HiPointUB-17DB09martyn_bTested Not WorkingNothing at all. Nothing for Unix Visualize C200 system either.
HITKT46-345MGrdk_nlTested Not WorkingManufacturer also known as "Hightech International Trading GMBH"
hitachicmpas04stimes2Tested Workinga 42" plasma screen, works perfectly
Hitachi17MVXPro2drslumpTested Working
Hitachi21 inch RasteropssideswipeTested WorkingWorks like a charm.
HitachiCM2011MEthosilTested WorkingMonitor shows "Invalid Sync" until the PS2 Linux boot screen appears, works great after that
HitachiCM2111ME (21" Inch)dspiteTested WorkingPerfect, done install from scratch.
HitachiCM615jchlTested Not WorkingBlank screen
HitachiCM715ezacoTested Not Workingnothing
HitachiCM721awatkinTested WorkingWorks Perfect. I would imagine the rest in the range should work fine too.
HitachiCM721FhippriestTested Not Working
HitachiCM751UpdmaninaTested Workingshows "Invalid Sync" until boot screen, thereafter console and x work fine
HitachiCM769 (SuperScan 769)paulcTested WorkingDisplays "Invalid Sync" and dancing green lines until runtime loader initialized. Works great after that.
HitachiCM771ctoferTested Workingworks fine
HitachiCM772BbbinghamTested Workingworks great -bbingham
HitachiCM776ETxmunkkiTested Not Working
HitachiCM828zetor75fiTested Not Workingstays in stand by mode
HitachiCML174 SXW (+Black)emraineyTested Not WorkingTested. Does not explicitly support SOG in Spec.
HitachiHT5870BcleaverTested Not WorkingI think it's an Hitachi (found it on some site). Stays off. Can see funny shapes when displaying test screen.
HitachiMc 7515 RasterOpstechnaholicTested WorkingWorks perfectly
HitachiRasterOps Mc 801hr / CM801whtTested Working
HitachiSuperScan Elite 17 (CM1711MU)rsalimTested WorkingWorks great
HitachiSuperScan Elite 751shaunbrTested WorkingMonitor shows "Invalid Sync" until the PS2 Linux boot screen appears, works great after that
HitachiSuperScan Elite CM611UlilcorzempaTested WorkingWorks excellent, probably the best monitor with .22mm Dot Pitch and best of all, it's 17"s!
HitachiSuperScan Pro 800 (CM800)spungliTested WorkingWorks very well.
HitachiSuperScan Supreme 803kevinholbrookTested WorkingDisplays "Invalid Sync" and dancing green lines until runtime loader initialized. Works great after that.
HITACHICM641ETtito760Tested Not WorkingGreen roll line on screen
HITACHICM769ETpinchonTested WorkingPerfect
HITACHICP-X325pgoteraTested WorkingLCD PROJECTOR - Menu Setup SOG on
Hitatchi37PD5200atochTested WorkingPlasma panel
hpmx70ztzerocoolTested Not WorkingAnother user claimed that it works, but I tested it with the settings set all right and it still failed to respond or kick on. The screen just said, "Please check video cables"
hppavilion f50yomonkeyTested Not WorkingStays in powersave. Nothing happends.
HP4331AjbrentonTested Working
HPA1097CmussifarTested WorkingWorks only in 1280x1024@75hz (16 bit color)
HPA4331BbungleboyTested WorkingNo problems
HPD2818A - Ultra VGA 1280hangdogTested WorkingNo problems.
HPL1810phantazmTested Not WorkingNo signal. Ever.
HPMX50lilcorzempaTested Not WorkingNo "sync on green" compatibility. Only blank screen.
HPMX70enygmaTested Not WorkingReminder, this monitor will not work. I just tested it and it just kept telling me to recheck my video cable.
HPMX70kozlo85Tested Not Working17" monitor other guy says it work but when i try it says "PLease check video cable connection."
HPMX70xtraTested Working
HPUltra VGA 1280action156Tested Workingno issues
HyundaiDeluxScan 5870ccraftTested Not Workingno sync on green. never.
HyundaiDelux scan 7770ps2maniacTested Workingworked
HyundaiDelux Scan P990gashTested WorkingWorks like a charm but but be patient. It takes a while for it to react.
HyundaiImageQest V773jrobTested Not Workingno signal. Black screen
HyundaiImageQuest F910virtigoTested WorkingWorks fantastic.
HyundaiImage quest G210torgwegTested Workingnothing to notice
HYUNDAIImageQuest V560littlebrotherTested Not WorkingNada. Nothing. Nowt.
ibmprism_lensesTested Working
IBM14"firebrand9Tested Not WorkingScrambled view. Almost legible. Far from correct.
IBM17VgooruTested Not WorkingJust shows vertical lines.
IBM2128-B1Nm4dTested Not Working
IBM2235andresTested Not Working
IBM6312-001tjcjrTested Not WorkingRapidly rolling picture
IBM6331-02ScarbsTested Not WorkingEnters powersave mode
IBM8503-002fwernerTested Not WorkingRolling picture - no sync (12" Monochrome VGA)
IBM8512-001kthTested Not WorkingData visible, but won't sync
IBM8514twizt3dTested Not WorkingData visible but wont sync; lots of snow and screen is unreadable
IBMC72 (17")dobiegTested Not WorkingLED stays resolutely orange (no signal)
IBME74farawyTested Not WorkingLight flashes, no signal, no picture...
IBME74gooruTested Not WorkingGreen light just blinks.
IBMG40mattwolfewvuTested Not Workingsomething with lots of colors displayed by this moniter w/the ps2 would probably cause a seizure
IBMG51stinkypaulTested Not WorkingShows stuff on screen, looks just like bad refresh rate.
IBMG52gooruTested Not WorkingNothing
IBMG54fabriceTested Not Working
IBMG70ranadonTested Not Working
IBMG76commanderrobotTested Not Working
IBMG78yaztromoTested Not WorkingNo picture -- monitor goes into standby mode, and stays there.
IBMG94oatheanTested Working
IBMG97farawyTested Not WorkingLight just flashes
IBMG97farawyTested Not WorkingLight just flashes
IBML200P gamer1Tested WorkingA good inexpensive 20.5" LCD (bought originally for use with PC's)
IBMP200ccfparkTested WorkingTurned on PS2 - Turned on Monitor - inserted Linux DVD - Monitor Power Light started blinking green - Turned Monitor off - Turned back on and works like a champ!
IBMP202zenyuTested Working
IBMP260jeff151Tested Working
IBMP50munzliTested WorkingWorks great
IBMP70oldgitTested Workingworks fine, should be available secondhand for a few quid
IBMP76quistisTested Working
IBMP77myrkraverkTested WorkingWorks great (I haven't tested booting linux with it)
IBMP96doofusTested WorkingWorks super
IBMT540tharperTested Working15" Flat panel display, works great
IBMT84hstuffeTested WorkingMarvellous.....If only I could get the OS to switch from 640 to 1280... ;)
iijamaVision Master Pro 513-MA203DTjoker69Tested WorkingVision Master Pro 513- where are the monitor drivers
iijamavision mastter 513joker69Tested Workingplease where can i find the monitor-drivers
iiyamae431sbruticusTested Workingno problems
iiyamaVision Master 403isidoreTested Workingsome trouble though, sometimes, when switching back from PC.
iiyamaVision Master 451plopboyTested WorkingNeeds to be turn it off and on after boot screen loaded and sometimes when loading X
iiyamaVision Master Pro 454 HM903DTdjmTested WorkingNo problems
Iiyama4332 (AS4332UT D/BK)jag110270Vendor Claims Should WorkSee spec -- -- Optional PAL/NTSC/SECAM s-Video input as well so should be able to use with PS2 for gaming. Anyone tried it?
IiyamaAS4315 UT BKdbonfieldTested Working17" Flat Panel Works out of the box
IiyamaProLite E511SarithonTested WorkingNo problems
IiyamaS700J1drifterTested Not WorkingStays in powersave.
IiyamaS900MT1nilsTested Not WorkingNo signal.
IiyamaVision Master 1451penguinmasterTested Not Working
IiyamaVision Master 17stanTested WorkingLooks very nice. Make sure SoG is enabled or everything will be a fairly nasty shade of green.
IiyamaVision Master 411edschoutenTested Not WorkingStays off.
IiyamaVision Master 450stevencooperTested WorkingFor sharing with PC try using BNC connectors and using menu to switch between VGA and BNC inputs. Works great!
IiyamaVisionMaster 452 (MA901U)boodyTested Not WorkingEDID claims supports SoG/manufacturer's documentation unclear.
IiyamaVisionMaster 501/502m4dVendor Claims Should Work"Sync on green: 0.3Vp-p, Negative"
IiyamaVision Master Pro 17 (MT-9017EeeyonneTested WorkingCan confirm SoG works on both BNC and 15pin DIN connectors
IiyamaVision Master Pro 17, MT9017-EsauceTested WorkingMake sure SOG is turned on using the on-screen menu (it's under the "function" option in the menu)
IiyamaVision Master Pro 400timrcTested WorkingMake sure sync-on-green is turned on in the On-Screen-Menus.
IiyamaVision Master Pro 410bigman606Tested Working
IiyamaVisionmaster Pro 413alex_wendtTested Not WorkingWorked the first time after some unplugging and reconnecting, then didn't work at all.
IiyamaVisionmaster Pro 413alex_wendtTested WorkingTurns out to have been a faulty PS2!
IiyamaVisionMaster Pro 413jag110270Vendor Claims Should Work17" CRT 1600x1200; retails for 150GBP + VAT. See spec --
IiyamaVision Master Pro450saraheTested WorkingSwitch it off before connecting to start sync-on-green
IiyamaVision Master Pro 455 MM904UTdude_brunoTested Not Working
IiyamaVision Master Pro510saraheTested WorkingSwitch it off before connecting to start sync-on-green
IiyamaVision Master Pro 512damiTested Workingworks on a single input, problems with both inputs active
IiyamaVision Master Pro 512 HA202DTdaimosTested Working
IiyamaVision Master Pro 513-MA203DTjontyTested Working22" Diamondtron NF CRT. Works perfectly. SoG works when switching between inputs. No need to turn off and on to reset SoG.
IIyamaVision Master 1403edschoutenTested Not WorkingTested not working, vendor says not working. Monitor stays off.
IIyamaVision Master Pro 413simonTested Not WorkingStates separate synv required in manual, but nowhere on the web!
IIYAMAE435SollieollieTested Not WorkingNothing
iiymaVision Master Pro 514db11011011Tested Working
IlyamaVision Master Pro 451tastyotherTested WorkingWorks, but doesn't appear to want to switch between the two VGA inputs - will only support either PC or PS2 connection, and whichever was there first takes priority.
Inspra17" TFT LCDfalconTested Working:) $300 at PS2linux OK via home-made component->vga cable
IO-DATALCD-AD172Ck2nishidaTested Workingno probrem. use analog port.
JVCmitch04Tested Not Working
kdsvs-195downsVendor Claims Should Workplz
KDSAV-195TFnrenichTested Not WorkingNo signal.
KDSAV-7TFtzyrTested Not Workingno signal
KDSRad-5cstanhopTested Not WorkingBlank screen
KDSRad-5 (All Versions)migoVendor Claims Should Not Work
KDSRadius 5CmdillenkTested Not WorkingCould not get to work-NO SIGNAL- then power save
KDSRadius 5CjeremyeTested WorkingWorks fine. Durning install sometimes it will black out for a second and come right back.
KDSVS-190irobbybeastTested Not WorkingBlank Screen/Monitor does not receive signal
KDSVS-190ptalconTested Not WorkingRolling Picture - will not sync
KDSVS195nrenichTested Not WorkingNo signal.
KDSVS 19SarscalvinTested Not WorkingDoesn't work :(
KDSVS-21cstanhopTested Not WorkingImage flickers on screen, but monitor does not sync
KDSVS-7ehergotTested Not WorkingShows "No signal", tomorrow i'll try a Micron 700VX.
KDSVS-7ikthTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
KDSVS-7imop414Tested Not WorkingNothing
KDSVS-F15edharaTested Not WorkingVisual Sensations 15" LCD flat panel monitor
KDSXF-9pkerneljacaboTested Not Working
KFC1506satyrdragonTested Not WorkingSays 'Signal failed' on the panel, no picture
KFCCA1507hippriestTested Not Working
KFCCK 1420 enduserTested Not Working
Kingdom70ideforTested Not WorkingNo signal.
KodakDP1100(Digital ProgectorericfrazerTested WorkingIt works in about 10 seconds after PS2 startup
KomodoV999 17"talconTested Not WorkingBlack Screen / Check Signal Message - won't come out of sleep mode
Korea Data Systems4250deforTested Not WorkingNo signal.
KTX19UEtyroneTested Not WorkingGarbled synch briefly during boot screen
LacieElectron 19 Blue IIIpulstarTested Not WorkingBlank screen, switches to standby mode.
Leo17cijsedwardsTested Not WorkingBlank screen, won't come out of sleep
LGF700PkipoTested Not WorkingMonitor states not connected.
LGF900PbbanicTested WorkingWorks perfectly, turn monitor on after PS2 boots, so it can initialise SoG automagically.
LGFLATRON 775FtpiroskaTested Not Working
LGFLATRON 795FT PLUSdeschenes20Tested Not Workingall models manufactured after 2000 are not SOG compatible
LGFLATRON 795FT PLUSjimbomacTested Workingworks a goodun, USB hub too :D Set clamp to SOG
LGFLATRON 915FT PLUSdeschenes20Tested WorkingGreat Monitor!
LGFlatron 995FT PlusakillaTested Not Workingself test runs and runs and.....
LGFLATRON 995FT PLUSdeschenes20Tested Not Workingall models manufactured after 2000 are not SOG compatible
LGFLATRON L1510SkernelTested Not Workingno signal, no mention of SOG in manual
LGFLATRON L1710SwizzofozzTested Working
LGFLATRON L1732SschumiTested WorkingHaven't really tested, would need more info.
LGFLATRON L1810BfabriceTested WorkingX en 1280x1024 16bits Nikel
LGFLATRON L1811SmipsTested WorkingWorks fine! Excellent!
LGFlatron LCD 782LEnephilaTested Working
LGStudioworks 550MeraserTested Not WorkingBlank screen
LGStudioworks 55ieraserTested Not WorkingJust "funny" colors on screen
LGStudioworks 570LSanguzTested Not WorkingI just get 'Check Signal Cable' msg. No SoG option in OSD.
LGStudioworks 57T5bluetekTested Not Workingno signal
LGStudio Works 775NdarthsidiusTested Not WorkingUnusable rolling screen
LGStudioWorks 77inealcTested Not WorkingJust moving lines (like overscan, but without the 'out of range' message)
LGStudioworks 995EnilesTested Not Working
LGT710BHNo User IdTested Not Working
LG ElectronicsFLATRON 995FT+mcnopperTested WorkingWorked immediatells
LG ElectronicsL1800Pllong_rmTested WorkingLCD panel
LG ELECTRONICSFLATRON 795FT PLUSunicoderTested Not Working"NO SIGNAL" Sync on green 0.7/0.3 Supported ???
LG ELECTRONICSFLATRON 795FT PLUSunicoderTested WorkingNow working. Changed the Monitor Cable to a new one !!
Lightwarevp800 ProjectorgarethreesTested Not Working
liteone177ONSTmarinakiTested Not WorkingNO SE VE
LiteonB1996NSTm4dTested Not Working
LITEONS1770NSLjc42Tested Not WorkingNo signal
LoclandAS-4GlittlebrotherTested Not WorkingNothing.
MagInnovisionccnTested WorkingNo model number listed on device (original innovision?) X-Windows doesn't launch.
MagXJ770jmustangTested Not WorkingBlank screen, still in powersaving mode
MAGDX1595talconTested Not Working15" Scrambled rolling picture - won't sync
MAGDX500TicebeingTested Not Workingrolling screen display; no sync
MAGInnovision DX1495gashTested Not WorkingJust plain nothing; blank screen.
MAGMXE17SnrenichTested Not WorkingLCD says "SOG Disabled", no way to enable. :(
Mag Innovision720JV2riptideTested Not WorkingForgot the error message it displays... either no signal or sync out of range. Doesn't matter cause it doesn't work
Mag InnovisionDX715TspektyrTested Not WorkingNo Sync. "SELF TEST/CHECK VIDEO CABLE AND PC" remains on screen and PS2 Linux display (Green) shows on top and rolls horizontally really badly.
MAG Innovision800VytzombeTested Not WorkingThe Orange light just keeps on blinking
MAG Innovision900PsynmongerTested WorkingWorks great
MAG InnovisionDXT-15johhanTested Not WorkingUnusable rolling screen
MAG InnovisionMX17SlapawaTested Working
MAG InnovisionXJ796gerbercjTested Not WorkingBlack screen
MAG (Innovision)770 FSdofsteadTested Not Workingblank screen
MAG Innovision 15" LCD501mmuletTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
Magnavox17Btc-dragonTested WorkingKicks in on boot screen. Select "Input Source"/"SOG" from the menu, otherwise everything's got a greenish tint. Manufac. by Phillips, model# CM1766D101
MagnavoxCM2089beartecncTested Not WorkingNo signal
MagnavoxMB7000 M001lrsmithTested Not WorkingNo Display. Montior light shows no signal.
Magnavox (TV's)andy7769Tested Working
Magview (Maginnovision)vm900eccfparkTested Not WorkingJust black - nothing
MaxtechXT-4888scocoTested Not WorkingNothing on screen
MaxtechXT-7800viper87Tested Not Workingrandom colored lines rolling on screen
MaxtechXT-7861scocoTested Not WorkingScreen just rolls.
MecerC708little_nickyTested Not Working
MecerCM14UHEpixie2004Tested Not WorkingRolling picture, no sync
MedionMD1772treeshopTested Not Workingpower on but blank screen
MegaImageS15MGPfrancoislahTested WorkingIt works good.. little flicker sometimes.. nothing big
Memorex TelexCDS-4583kthTested Not WorkingData visible, but display won't sync.
MGC1450whtTested Not Working
Micron700ExdeadsnakeTested Not Workingjust a black screen, nothing at all
Micron700VXhergotTested WorkingOnly tried for installation, it's perfect, just change to SoG at monitor menu, very simple.
Micron900LxriconeroTested Not WorkingFirst the picture is scrambled, then it goes to a blank screen.
MicronLM-1564thackrayTested Not WorkingNo Go on this one. Just a black screen
MicronLM1764andresTested Not Working
Midwest MicroVDO512crazynachosTested Not WorkingYet again . crappy non working
MiracleM0935mop414Tested Not WorkingRolling Screen
MiroP1772FjrobTested Not Workingno signal.
MitacM1758jaseTested Working
mitsubishidiamond scan 17hx huttkiwiTested Working
MitsubishiDiamondcrysta RDTI171MtonygodarTested Not Working
MitsubishiDiamondcrysta RDTI54HtonygodarTested Working
MitsubishiDiamondPlus 100EacdgTested WorkingNo problems
MitsubishiDiamond Plus 200edharaTested WorkingWorks fine, no problem.
MitsubishiDiamond Plus 70rborsukTested WorkingNice picture - No problems
MitsubishiDiamond Plus 71sdtTested Not Workingblank screen
MitsubishiDiamond Plus 73lonewolf1Tested Not WorkingScrambled rolling picture - won't sync
MitsubishiDiamondPoint M55 LCDnoirsoftTested Not WorkingNothing. Monitor reports "No Signal"
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 2020usanjuroTested WorkingWorks fine.
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 2040umentholmooseTested WorkingWorks fine.
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 2070SBkrisbakerTested WorkingWorks fine.
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 67TXVtynewtonTested Not Working
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 740SBlonewolf1Tested Not WorkingNo signal
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 87TXMkevinkTested Workingplugged and played
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 900UicestormTested WorkingBe sure to go into the third menu and set Clamp Pulse Position to Back or the display will be green-tinted.
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 920photoboyTested Not WorkingNothing happens, won't even turn on
MitsubishiDiamond Scan 17FSantigravTested Working
MitsubishiDiamondScan 17TXMacdgTested WorkingManual SOG switch on rear of monitor
MitsubishiDiamond Scan 20rincoTested Working
MitsubishiDiamondtron NF (DV17NF) - AUcarbsTested Not WorkingMonitor doesn't enter standby but remains blank.
MitsubishiE85LCDdigital_puerTested Workinga rebadged NEC LCD1850E; black cabinet looks great with black ps2!
MitsubishiEUM-1491AjrobTested Workingworks great with console and 640x480 60/75Hz GUI. higher resolutions not recomended!
MitsubishiMS-530erix7Tested Workingidentical to Iiyama MT-17
MitsubishiWS-55805honeyboneTested Working55 Inch Widescreen HDTV works as advertised!
Mitsubishi (Australia)Diamond View 1770edmanTested Not WorkingNo sync-on-green according to tech specs, and no display when tested.
NANAOFlexScan 56T-SnrenichTested Not WorkingNo signal.
NANAOFlexScan 56T-SnrenichTested WorkingIs working great. Was not waiting log enough for the blue boot screen to load.
necmultisync 3vmichaelmeTested Not Workingtest once no good
necmultisync fe771sbmadmanmaddyTested Not Workingcan some one see if it works wit this screen
NEC1850EdhauTested WorkingAmazingly crisp picture plus two video-sources - probably the best choise for PS2 and PC
NEC2enilesTested Not WorkingBlank screen
NEC3FGefluffyTested Not Working
NEC3FGxnicheTested Not WorkingMonitor Reamins Black
NECAccusync 50andresTested Not WorkingSorry, it does not work. Please disregard my other comment
NECAccuSync 70senjiroTested Not Workingmatrix green rolling display
NECAccuSync 75FlinkarrowayTested Not WorkingBlank Screen, power off and on with PS2 on and it will give you self test with rolling image.
NECAccuSync 90engineTested Not WorkingMatrix rolling display
NECC550bruteforceTested WorkingWorks fine from the start
NECC550lonewolf1Tested WorkingMine works only 10 min, and switch in save power mode. Need to switch off, wait 5 min, switch on, and enjoy... during 10 min...
NECFE771SB-BKmomomh1Tested Not WorkingBlack screen
NECFE950+phantazmTested Not WorkingNothing.
NECFP1350fluffyTested Workingno problems
NECFP1370jonahTested WorkingWorks great.
NECFP912SBkilowogTested Not Workingvendors says it will work but it does not. tried for 3 hours.
NECLCD1510vkristofeTested Workingold lcd panel. has sog. works just fine.
NECLCD1525XnumbersixTested Not WorkingNo signal. I was surprised because some people made the 1510V, 1550X, and 1830 work...
NECLCD1545VgdzTested Not WorkingNO SIGNAL warning msg displayed on screen
NECLCD1550XpeekbTested Workinglcd panel
NECLCD1700M+yerexTested Not Workingsome docs on the net say this monitor supports sog, but it says 'no signal'
NECLCD1830sswerdloffTested Workingno problems
NECLT156kashmirTested WorkingLCD projector, works great.
NECMultiSync 1525MdrsheepTested Not Working
NECMultisync 2bobcolvinTested WorkingWorks Good!
NECMultiSync 2AjsedwardsTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
NECMultiSync 2VmmuletTested Not Working
NECMultisync 3DtynewtonTested WorkingShows Linux but need tv for ps2
NECMultiSync 4FGkevinholbrookTested Not WorkingMonitor supports SOG but does not work with the kit, just blank screen.
NECMultiSync 50vectormanTested Not WorkingBlasted!
NECMultiSync 5DmmuletTested Not WorkingBlank Screen - Changed all switches without effect
NECMultiSync 5DmmuletTested WorkingDidn't work initially; after booting has rock steady screen
NECMultiSync 5FGz3r0_dTested Working
NECMultiSync 6FGpcolinTested Working
NECMultiSync 70chandlerb2kTested Not WorkingMonitor goes idle, doesnt even seem like the monitor is on.
NECMultisync 77FdofsteadTested Not Workingnot a blank screen, but nothing readable.
NECMultiSync 95vordarkTested Not WorkingStrange B/W grid, massive flickering and scrolling. Nothing recognizeable.
NECMultiSync 97FnimpbusTested Not WorkingRolling green
NECMultisync A500danielmTested Not WorkingNo picture, no video signal, screen completely black(this is the only monitor of the 3 I tried that did not get any signal at all).
NECMultisync A700+logickTested Not Working
NECMultiSync C500carbsTested Not WorkingDoes not detect a signal, power light goes red
NECMultisync C500 (JC-15W1VMA)mark_f1manTested Not Working
NECMultiSync E1100mrchangTested WorkingWorks great!
NECMultisync E900+mrboyTested Workingworks nicely
NECMultisync FE 1250+epoitierTested Not Working
NECMultisync FE700fairwitnessTested Not WorkingNo signal, no nothing. Manufacturer doesn't list SOG, guess it's not.
NECMultiSync FE950+ecurtzTested Not WorkingNo signal
NECMultiSync FP2141SBloafierTested WorkingNEC 22" Monitor - No probs
NECMultiSync FP950vincebTested WorkingWorks fine
NECMultisync LCD 1500MdominicTested WorkingWorks brilliantly.
NECMultiSync LCD 1500MkonoctipirateTested WorkingSeems to work fine
NECMultiSync LCD 1525XpiersbTested Not WorkingNo signal detected
NECMultiSync LCD1530VsdaswaniTested Not WorkingNo Signal
NECMultiSync LCD1545Vbilljoni23Tested WorkingNO SIGNAL
NECMultiSync LCD1700VclockfortTested Not WorkingTested, detected a signal (?) but did not display anything
NECMultiSync LCD1760NXmdoughtyTested WorkingQuality display. Use setcrtmode VESA2,60 for best results. Default output from the PS2 needed modifying via a TV before successfully outputing to monitor.
NECMultiSync LCD 1760VtzyrTested WorkingThe picture flickers every once and a while (maybe can be fixed?), but does work and looks very good.
NECMultiSync LCD 1830garlicbreadTested WorkingWorks with Vesa perfectly, won't do NTSC or PAL mind you, but these types of screens (LCD) do anti aliasing automaticly as part of the harware :) so I'm happy
NECMultiSync LCD 1850EalelorcaTested WorkingIdeal with the 1<->2 video input switch!
NECMultiSync LCD 1880SXalelorcaTested WorkingResolution 1280x1024 working only at 16bpp,
Use autoadjust on monitor menu for recognizing X signal
NECMultiSync LS15farbmanTested Not WorkingBlank screen
NECMultisync m500krazy_coderTested Not WorkingI don't know which m500s you guys used but I tried about 4 and STILL couldn't get it to work. Worked on a SONY monitor!
NECMultiSync M500c0d3Tested WorkingWorks a treat.
NECMultiSync M500jbrentonTested Working
NECMultiSync M700ps2___ps2Tested Workingworks great when a PS2 VESA signal is sent to it (i.e setcrtmode vesa0 ...etc)
NECMultiSync P1150gorobeiTested WorkingNice, if old, 21" monitor - dual inputs are nice.
NECMultisync P750kthTested WorkingWorks from the boot menu on
NECMultiSync (the 1978 original)nilesTested WorkingPlaystation mode is all green, but Linux SVGA mode is good
NECMultisync V500carbsTested Not WorkingEnters powersave
NECMultiSync XE15hubangTested WorkingWorks great!
NECMultiSync XE17pod4477Tested WorkingIt's old and the playstation logo is messed up but xwindows works fine.
NECMultisync XE21jeff151Tested Workingno problem
NECMultiSync XP 15enduserTested Workingworks perfectly
NECMultisync XP17yonderboyTested WorkingTurn on the PS2, turn on the monitor, wait 6 seconds and you're up and running perfectly!!!
NECMultisync XV 15dvraderTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
NECMultiSync XV15+consolegamerTested Not Working
NECMultiSync XV17ajohnsonTested Working
NECMultiSync XV17mankillerTested WorkingHooked it up, PS2 boot screen was strange, but Linux setup screen was fine, works well.
NECMultiSync XV 17+graphicsboyTested Working...well...sort of...I can see some stuff, and naviagate enough to get to a point where it sync properly. This isnt 100% crappy but its part way there.
NECMutliSync XP 21graphicsboyVendor Claims Should WorkDoesnt work right off the bat. It rolls something terrible. I used another monitor to get a few screens in and then i could use this montior. Its not a good soution.
NECHepoitierTested Not Working
NFRENMN-NF15LCDwipeglobeoutTested WorkingWorks great and looks great also.
nokia447xi plusmichaelstTested Not Workingtried everything nodda
Nokia445PROkcongerTested Not WorkingJust garbage on the screen.
Nokia445XprofarbmanTested WorkingWorks perfectly
Nokia446x ProjaseTested Working
Nokia447W pitr_Vendor Claims Should Not Worka.k.a. DELLs ES-17 and D1728-TCO
Nokia449XagradthrawnTested Not Working
Nokia710CfwernerTested Not Working"no connection"
NokiaMultigraph 445Xdialt0neTested WorkingWorks from Linux boot menu on...
NokiaMultigraph 449EvicviperTested WorkingTurned the PS2 on first then the Monitor. Came on after about 7 seconds.
NokiaMultigraph 449Ewdon222Tested Working
OperlenceEX 7SEpcb-diTested Not Working
OptiquestQ51mop414Tested Not WorkingTried 4 different revisions of the Q51
OptiquestQ51 15" Model VCDTS21375-1MtalconTested Not WorkingScrambled Rolling Picture - will not sync
OptiquestQ51-2numbersixTested Not WorkingNo surprise here... this particular model barely works in normal conditions anyway.
OptiquestQ71deforTested Not WorkingNo signal.
OptiquestQ71mop414Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen
OptiquestQ71 17" Model VCDTS22355-6MtalconTested Not WorkingNo signal present
OptiquestV115ps2devwannabeTested Working
OptiquestV75mukaidafTested Workingbeautiful
Optiquestv773chadTested WorkingGroovy.. works fine.
OptiquestV775synmongerTested WorkingWorks great, Make sure 'SOG SWITCH' is enabled in 'MISC' in the On Screen Display
OptiquestV95sduensinTested WorkingWorks great!
OptiquestVCDTS21348-2 17"zenraTested Not Working1st try: "No signal"
OptiQuestQ95joeteedTested Not Workingdoesn't get a signal
OptiQuest by ViewSonic1769DCwathiedeTested WorkingWorked fine.
Optiquest (viewsonic)V775akavanTested WorkingWorks great
Optiquest (Viewsonic)Q71bydofluxTested Not WorkingRolling screen of garbage
Optiquest (Viewsonic)Q71cirixTested WorkingWorks Great
OrchestraTympamiconsolegamerTested Not Working
packardbella526glorfindelTested Not WorkingCan not recive the image
Packard Bell1020ctf1365Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen
Packard Bell1402Spretty_kittyTested Not WorkingWoun't Work. It sat there with a black look in its tubie ;)
Packard Bell14" #1firebrand9Tested Not WorkingScrambled view. Almost legible. Far from correct.
Packard Bell14" #2firebrand9Tested Not WorkingScrambled view. Almost legible. Far from correct.
Packard Bell15"firebrand9Tested Not WorkingScrambled view. Almost legible. Far from correct.
Packard Bell1512SLandresTested Not Working
Packard Bell2020 (15")talconTested Not WorkingScrambled rolling picture - won't sync
Packard Bell6481E (15")lonewolf1Tested Not WorkingScrambled rolling picture - won't sync
Packard Bell7480darth_gomerTested Not WorkingScreen Flickering; Self-Diagonsis: No Signal
Packard Bell7480darth_gomerTested Not WorkingScreen Flickering; Self-Diagonsis: No Signal
Packard BellA720tonynibblesTested Not WorkingNothing. Blank Screen.
Packard BellPB8539 VGgeogodVendor Claims Should Not WorkCan someone please test this,Linux kit is not available at at this time.
Packard BellPnP 3070A34819Tested Not WorkingBlank screen
PanasonicCyberVision DS69waygoodTested WorkingIt's great working all the time. Manufactured by Panasonic and made in Japan model.
PanasonicPanasync C1591EdemigawdTested WorkingYou have to shut the monitor off while booting. But once linux starts it works great
PanasonicPanaSync E15baalansellersTested Not Workingscrambled screen, wrong modulation
PanasonicPanaSync E21clwardTested WorkingWorks with Linux, wait a second, Works with Progressive Scan games.
PanasonicPanaSync E70ipiroskaTested Working
PanasonicPanaSync/Pro P17rmTested WorkingWorked Fine
PanasonicPanaSync/Pro PL70 (TX-D7S54)iancTested WorkingWorks great. (17" Short CRT)
PanasonicPanaSync S110ipdaVendor Claims Should WorkVendor claims all recent Panasonic monitors over 17" should have SoG
PanasonicPanaSync S21mikeybobTested WorkingWorks Great.
PanasonicPF70colinTested Working
PanasonicPT-40LC12 HDTVgmarquezTested WorkingFront RGB Input, Sync on green, 1 or 2 pixels are off-screen on left edge, otherwise rock-solid picture
PanasonicPT-711xuswannyTested WorkingLCD, 480P no green but usable, SVGA, XGA ok after playing around
PanasonicS110iabertschTested Working
PanasonicS17ddennedyTested Workingworks great
Philips104BrobbybeastTested Not WorkingBlank screen
Philips107E 17"mj32Tested Not WorkingDisplays the "No Signal received" box on screen
Philips107MBkhegemanTested Working
Philips107P10leonvsTested Not Workingno signal, no SOG option to be found in the OSD either
Philips107P20leonvsTested Not Workingno signal, no SOG option to be found in the OSD either
Philips107StanmanTested Not WorkingIf turned on after the PS2 it tries to sync, then just displays "No Signal"
Philips107S11huttkiwiTested Not WorkingModel made in China. No SOG mode toggle in OSD.
Philips107S (17C2321N/75C)mark_f1manTested WorkingChange to Sync-On-Green via OSD (On Screen Display). Note: there seems to be different versions of the 107S so I have entered the Model ID off the back of the monitor.
Philips107S (17C2322E)alexandreTested Not WorkingJust a blank screen when powerd on after playstation boots and no sing before....
Philips107S (17C6821N/75C)mark_f1manTested Not WorkingThis 107S Doesn't Work
Philips107Sx (17C2622H)pmalakoudisTested WorkingChange to Sync-On-Green via OSD (On Screen Display)
Philips107T4pixie2004Tested Not WorkingNo Signal on OSD
Philips109b20duffmanTested Not Workingno signal
Philips109SpeakhuntTested Not WorkingOnly no signal
Philips150SenygmaTested Not WorkingWouldn't take signal
Philips150S3enygmaTested Not WorkingWouldn't take signal
Philips15BbeemTested Not WorkingNo signal
Philips15CgiaromeTested Not WorkingNo signal
Philips170B2leonheartTested WorkingWorks like a charm - even the blue runtime screen.
Philips17a580bqleonvsTested Working
Philips17TepoitierTested WorkingSet the switch on the back of the monitor to Sync on Green
Philips180P2jugglerTested WorkingWorks great...
Philips34PW9815 HDTVagerrardTested WorkingSet VideoMode to DTV and Modes to 480p. TV doesn't do 720p but 1080i will work when the driver is fixed. 640x480 also works but is clipped and colors are wrong (comp. vs. rgb).
Philips4cm4770zuhairTested Working
Philips4cm4770zuhairTested Workingdownload
Philips4CM4770hell4devilsTested WorkingWorks fine, only the initial Sony Computer Entertainment.... is funny (the non S.O.G bit)
PhilipsBrillance 150P3drkappaTested WorkingWorks fine
PhilipsBrilliance 105mjaklTested WorkingSOG switch on the back side
PhilipsBrilliance 107robcamTested Not WorkingDoes sync on green but di not work. Just blank. No signal :-(
PhilipsBrilliance 107robcamTested WorkingUPDATE: If switch on when PS2 booted then worked
PhilipsBrilliance 107Pfirebrand9Tested Not Working
PhilipsBrilliance 109PilwoodyTested Not Workingno signal
PhilipsBrilliance 150P4ninjiTested WorkingLCD, 1024x768@60, 800x600 for X, 1024x768@75 for console with crtmode=vesa2,75
PhilipsBRILLIANCE 151AXtito760Tested WorkingAfter the loading of Runtime Environment works good
phillips109bllong_rmTested Not Working
Phillips107B (PB7402 T102)kognateTested Not WorkingNo signal
Phillips107TvectormanTested Not WorkingThis was supposed to work, but did not.
Phillips150B3BnosleepTested WorkingWorks great.
Phillips19" televisionnascar15pearceTested Workingmust blindly install
Phillips19" Televisionnascar15pearceTested Working
Phillips27PS60ShergotTested WorkingNot a monitor, a TV works very good.
PhillipsBrilliance 107MPachaddTested WorkingWorked first time with sync-on-green; make sure you give the monitor a few seconds after its powered up to figure out that its getting a SoG signal.
PhillipsBrilliance 150P2hatchetTested WorkingLCD - Works fine, no problems
PioneerPDP-V501Xllong_rmTested Workingplasma display
PiXie770cdisplagueTested Not Workingdoes not detect signal - not even after booted
PiXie/RICDH1764mrhoustonTested Not WorkingPS2 games work, Linux is a blank screen
PlanarPE1500danielgomezTested Not Working Its all it says
PlanarPL191M LCD MonitormajinbuuTested WorkingWorks great. No issues.
PortraitPivot 1700drec6Tested Not WorkingBlank screen - no activity
PrincetonEO14mop414Tested Not WorkingRolling Screen
PrincetonEO400mop414Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen
PrincetonEO70talconTested Not Working17" Black Screen
Princeton EO710mop414Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen
Princeton GraphicsEO70cirixTested Not WorkingDoesn't seem to work, displays NO SIGNAL
Princeton Graphics SystemsLCD Panel (unknown model)spoonvtecTested Not WorkingShows no video signal
Princeton Graphics SystemsUltrasyncmyamTested WorkingWorks fine. Unit was manufactured in 1988!
Princeton Graphic SystemsULTRA 1400ckchanTested WorkingCan not see good picture at first but once Runtime Environment loaded, WORKS GREAT...
ProfessionUnknownrmeijsTested WorkingOld thingie though works great.
ProlineCrystalView 7Klrlittle_nickyTested Not Workingnothing
Proview564PXkleungTested Not WorkingNo boot, console, or X screen.
Proview720 17" CRTtevenTested Not WorkingBlank Screen. Nada!
Proview780 LCDtevenTested Not WorkingJust a Blank Screen. Nada!
ProviewCY765redwolfTested WorkingSometimes flickers at bottom of screen
ProviewEM-175ljc2000Tested Not WorkingNo signal when plugged in.
ProviewPro-710mop414Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen
ProximaUltralight LX1jbrentonTested Not Workingprojector; vga input
radiusprecisioncolour display/17times2Tested Workinga very old mac monitor with bnc connections
RadiusIntelliColor Display/20mrichTested WorkingBNC5 works, didn't test the HD15 connector (Video also working through my Rose Electronics ServeView KVM, too bad it doesn't support USB)
RadiusL-1sbourTested Not WorkingConstant "check cable" message
RadiusPrecisionView 21dranalliVendor Claims Should Workhas anybody tried this monitor? specs say it does SOG
RCA27" Television nascar15pearceTested WorkingMust Blindly Install and change display settings!!!!
RCAMM36100mmanuelTested Not WorkingNeither SVGA1/2 work. Component works as NTSC.
RCAMM52110consolegamerTested Not WorkingTested both ports (SVGA1, SVGA2)
*Reflex*FX5100andresTested Not Working
RelisysAll modelsepoitierVendor Claims Should Not Work
RelisysRE1420stashmanTested Not Working
RelisysTE988spudsTested Not Working
RelisysTL565-RUsaraheTested Not Working15" inch TFT, not SOG compatible.
RELISYSTE770unicoderTested Not Working
Sampo55emakoto916Tested Not WorkingNever leaves powersave.
SampoAlpha Scan 521xenoistTested Not WorkingAutoSync is ....
SampoAlphascan 711SwarthawgTested Not WorkingDoesn't think it has a cable connected
SampoAlphaScan 712dark_templar31Vendor Claims Should Not Worki downloaded the application from and pressed ctrl-f5, then pressed the 'translate EDID' button and my moniter's stats showed up but it did not say sync on green
SampoKDM-1566pixie2004Tested Not WorkingBlack screen
SampoPD-70FAtonynibblesTested Not WorkingNothing. Blank Screen.
Samsug75EmindorTested Not WorkingJust blank screen
samsungeverlcmouraTested Working
samsungCPG 17P(T)miaukTested WorkingCRT, works great
Samsung151SmaniroTested Not WorkingNo signal detected
Samsung15GLeepoitierTested Not Working
Samsung170MP plusxenusVendor Claims Should Not WorkSamsung electronics, the vendor of this model claims this monitor doesn't support a Sync-On-Green. DON'T BUY.
Samsung171MPtkonoTested Working
Samsung171smarkmussettTested Workinglcd panel
Samsung17GlihparissiTested WorkingWorks, manual said SoG, EDID too
Samsung17GLsiawbTested WorkingSync On Green OSD / Needs cable disconnecting and reconnecting to work
Samsung191TtogusaTested WorkingIt works with my PS2 modded with a DMS3
Samsung570shejTested WorkingMonitor works fine, I wonder how hard it would be to add support for the 90 degree screen rotation that the monitor supports...
Samsung710spolyp2000Tested Not Workingblank screen , flashy power-light
Samsung710veciwxTested Working17' LCD. Displays boot, 1280x1024..., great picture !
Samsung710vps2penguinTested WorkingIt has been working great from the first try!
Samsung750sshokwaveVendor Claims Should Not Work
Samsung760V TFTjafo67Tested Workingworked fine
Samsung900IFTdsrebornTested WorkingWorks perfectly.
Samsung950pyanfaliTested Workingmake sure you test the BNC cable on a PC first, annoying switchover problem but works very well otherwise
Samsung955DFanfpunkTested Not WorkingThis monitor DOES NOT work. Bought it and then took it back 30 mins later.
Samsung955DFgibbyTested Not WorkingDated February 2002 no SOG in menu blank screen & no input.
Samsung955DFpaladinVendor Claims Should WorkHas SoG option in the OSD Menu
Samsung955DF **Old Model**photexTested WorkingThe new 955df's do not support SOG and have no function in the OSD menu. My older model is dated: April 2001
Samsung957PjinkazamaTested Not Workingoption is there in the manual but not on the on-screen controls for sum perverse reason, wat a fucking waste of my time and money.......
SamsungLS15N13W (Widescreen LCD)red13Tested Not WorkingBlank screen. Did not try any tricks like plug/unplug but there was no SoG option in the OSD nor did the manual mention it. Pity, works great as a WS HDTV ready TV and monitor. :(
SamsungSynchMaster957DFmcleppaTested WorkingWorks Perfect! SoG in menu.
SamsungSyncMaster 150mp LCDnetwrxTested Not WorkingGet "Status Out Of Sync 15.7K / 60" Message
SamsungSyncMaster 150mp LCDgaryfredTested WorkingGet "Status Out Of Sync 15.7K / 60" message till Linux starts loading, then it's ok.
SamsungSyncMaster 151BMspgTested WorkingNo Problems
SamsungSyncMaster 151vajohnsonTested Not Workingblack screen, flashing power light
SamsungSyncMaster 152bknightsTested Not WorkingDon't work
SamsungSyncMaster 15GLchaacTested Workingsome flickering in some places but can be my cables too
SamsungSyncMaster 15GLijag110270Tested Not WorkingCompletely blank screen
SamsungSyncMaster 170mpdannycTested WorkingWorks great! Having S-Video, Composite and VGA inputs makes for an easy install.
SamsungSyncMaster 170MPtcampb01Tested WorkingGet "Status Out Of Sync 15.7K / 60" message after PS2 is powered on. Message remains until PS2 starts outputting video signal (less than a minute).
SamsungSyncMaster 170TgmarquezTested WorkingWorks great.
SamsungSyncMaster 170TkashmirTested WorkingLCD Panel, works great.
SamsungSyncMaster 171speoriTested WorkingWorks like a charm! (pants tres bien!)
SamsungSyncMaster 172vdel_pantalonTested Not WorkingScreen stays black, power led blinks
SamsungSyncMaster 17GLigmaiTested WorkingWorks just fine
SamsungSyncMaster 17GLitynewtonTested WorkingShows Linux but need tv for ps2
SamsungSyncMaster 17GLsglamTested Not Workingblack screen
SamsungSyncMaster 17GLsglamTested WorkingFinally it works! Has to unplug the video cable, reboots then replug cable. Also set, display=vga in p2lboot.opt Try it.
SamsungSyncMaster 181TvurtvortTested Working
SamsungSyncMaster 191TkerozenTested WorkingAll ok on non modded PS2, green screen on Ripper2 mod.
SamsungSyncMaster 193TdavorTested Not WorkingSOG is "option" on 193T. Mine doesn't have this "option".
SamsungSyncMaster 204TcwillisfVendor Claims Should Work
SamsungSyncMaster 206BWmicoTested Working20" Wide LCD - Work Perfect.
SamsungSyncmaster 3consolegamerTested Not Working
SamsungSyncMaster 3moanderTested Not Workingblah
SamsungSyncMaster 3numbersixTested Not Workingcolor is right, sync is not...
SamsungSyncMaster 4NeseizeTested WorkingNeeds cable disconnecting and reconnecting to work/ or keep monitor off for 10 seconds after booting PS2, then turn on
SamsungSyncMaster 520 TFTsadrejebTested Working
SamsungSyncmaster 550SblascoTested Not WorkingBlank screen
SamsungSyncMaster 551stalconVendor Claims Should Not Work
SamsungSyncMaster 570Npixie2004Tested Working15" TFT Panel, 1024x768 @ 75Hz
SamsungSyncMaster 570VstoleeTested Not WorkingTFT-LCD... acts just like suspend mode...
SamsungSyncMaster 6NeedfedermeyerTested WorkingNo problems
SamsungSyncMaster 700IFTnicolaorruTested Working
SamsungSyncMaster 700NFstashmanTested WorkingWorks Great, no problems
SamsungSyncMaster 700NF arscalvinTested Not WorkingThe older models, with BNC connections, work. The newer ones, without BNC, do not work. Samsung was stupid and did not change the model name.
SamsungSyncMaster 700psbourTested WorkingWorks great! Be sure to select "Sync-on-Green" in OSD or you will get a greenish screen.
SamsungSyncMaster 712Nstaind_idealsTested WorkingWorks Awesome
SamsungSyncMaster 750p(T)newlyTested WorkingWorks perfectly
SamsungSyncMaster 750saragonTested Not WorkingBlack screen, as no connector plugged. The monitor, via the viewsonic test program, EDID reports 'NO sync on green capability'.
SamsungSyncMaster 753DFmavericc77Tested Not WorkingJust a Blank screen
SamsungSyncMaster 753DFhomerjaythompsoVendor Claims Should Not Work
SamsungSyncmaster 753DFxlittle_nickyTested Not Workingnot even a blink
SamsungSyncMaster 753stalconVendor Claims Should Not Work
SamsungSyncmaster 757NFblascoTested Not WorkingBlank screen
SamsungSyncmaster 757NFblascoTested WorkingBlank screen
SamsungSyncMaster 757ptalconVendor Claims Should Work
SamsungSyncmaster 763MBcligTested Not WorkingTested with xbox. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and says please check cables.
SamsungSyncMaster 770 TFTschoenTested Workinglow-res boot worked, as well as 1280x1024
SamsungSyncMaster 900NFnctrostTested WorkingWorks fine
SamsungSyncMaster 900pschwartzTested WorkingWorks Great
SamsungSyncMaster 907DFxenusTested WorkingIt works good. :-)
SamsungSyncMaster 914vbrooklynwalkerTested WorkingSOG in specs, and it works fine
SamsungSyncMaster 915NmotorcrashTested WorkingWorks Beautifully
SamsungSyncMaster 930Bsword7Tested Not WorkingAll blank screen but it attempts to reset itself every few seconds.
SamsungSyncMaster 940MWaragonTested Not WorkingCombo monitor (VGA+HDTV); VGA: it doesn't syncs on green; HDTV: supports 720p via component (Y, Pr, Pb) -change RGB to YPrPb on PS2 settings-
SamsungSyncMaster 950pengineTested WorkingWorks great
SamsungSyncMaster 950ppixie2004Tested WorkingWorks during boot, console and X
SamsungSyncMaster 955btalconVendor Claims Should Not Work
SamsungSyncMaster 955DFtalconVendor Claims Should Not Work
SamsungSyncMaster 955DFbitstreamTested WorkingAssembled July 2001. Has SoG in system menu. Works perfect.
SamsungSyncMaster 957DFtalconVendor Claims Should Work
SamsungSyncMaster 957FStalconVendor Claims Should Work
SamsungSyncMaster 957MBevtuTested Working
SamsungSyncMaster 957pironfistTested WorkingWorks great
SamsungSyncMaster 959NFtalconVendor Claims Should Work
SAMSUNG2243BWsceips8Tested Workinglcd
SAMSUNG915NmotorcrashTested WorkingWorks Beautifully
SAMSUNGSyncMaster 150MPjstandreTested WorkingThe message "Status Out Of Sync 15.7K / 60" appears only if you don't insert the PS2Linux CD. It works for the install and all.
SAMSUNGSYNCMASTER 174V TFTbrooklynwalkerTested Not WorkingSPECS SAY SOG, but it doesn't seem to work! Just stays in "powersave" mode.
SAMSUNGSyncMaster 500bjesim444Tested Not WorkingNo A/V inputs !!!
SAMSUNGSyncMaster 700 IFTetereTested Working
SAMSUNGSyncMaster 700 IFT kedawaTested Not WorkingApparently, sync-on-green only works with the BNC model.
Samtron70EeraserTested Not WorkingBlank screen
Samtron75P+ravngundersenTested Working
Samtron76DFdjTested Not WorkingBlank screen
Samtron76EmexTested Not WorkingNO SIGNAL
Samtron77VmmuletTested Not Working
Samtron95P pluspnpVendor Claims Should Not WorkSync on Green could be selected on OSD menu
Samtron96BpeoriTested Not WorkingBlank screen. No SOG. Please come again.
SamtronSC428PTdrec6Tested Not Workingblank screen
SAMTRON 210P PlusmwaltherTested WorkingUsed RGB/BNC input; power-cycle monitor when changing from PC connected to DB-15 input
SAMTRON55Vctf1365Tested Not WorkingNothing Happens
SAMTRON56Etito760Tested Not WorkingBlack screen
SAMTRON76Etito760Tested Not WorkingGreen roll line on screen
SanyoPLV-70captmegaTested WorkingProjector
SanyoProX-IIchuckps2Tested WorkingProjector. SOG and TV mode both work.
ScanportDE-770 BAkarlanTested Not WorkingNothing
SceptreD97ApeoriVendor Claims Should WorkSceptre says its their only SOG monitor. (
SceptreFT15GtjcjrTested Not WorkingLCD - Blank Screen
SceptreP73kthTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
SceptreX9G-NagaIItabaccoVendor Claims Should WorkManual says it's supported, but it doesn't work and locks up the monitor (I had to disconnect the power and 'reboot' the monitor to get it to switch back to the DVI port)
SGI1600SW w MultiLink AdaptorccnTested Not WorkingLCD Panel
SGIGDM-2011PcarbsTested Not WorkingNo Signal Message is displayed
SGIGDM-4011PjteschTested Working
SGIGDM-5411rsalmonTested Workingworks. No problems.
SGI Silicon GraphicsGDM17E11jamesfuTested Workingneed 13W3 to HD15 cable
SGI Silicon GraphicsGMD17E21jamesfuTested Working
SGI (Sony)GDM-20D11hbmTested Not WorkingDoes S-on-G on higher resolutions, but ...
SGI (Sony)GDM 20E21seth_ableTested WorkingPerfect!
SHAMROCK TECHSRC 1451rciTested Not WorkingBlack Srceen / Encăn preto
SharpLL-T1512Wlittle_nickyTested WorkingWorks great. Using it for 480p testing. No built in speakers.
SharpLL-T1520BansiblueTested WorkingWork perfectly!
SharpLL-T15V1kernelTested WorkingCommand Line Interface works perfect, X is a little Iffy. (resolutions etc).
SharpLL-T1620araoTested WorkingAlso LL-T1620B, which is the same thing but black
ShinhoAV2maffTested Not WorkingNo picture at all
Siemens NixdorfMCM 1701 (CRT)eincherubimTested WorkingI think every SN model with BNC should work
Siemens NixdorfMCM 2107 NTDflukeTested Working21" monitor
Siemens-NixdorfMCM1704thskytTested WorkingWorks on Unix workstations using SyncOnGreen
SiemesMCM1707 NTDakillaTested WorkingWorks great with PS2Linux no problems
Smile17"ametcalfeTested Not Working
Smile19"ametcalfeTested WorkingWorks on both DSUB + BMC Inputs
SMILECA6525DL 15"dobiegTested Not WorkingSweet Fanny Addams
sonydigit4lTested Working
sonyprism_lensesTested Working
sonycpd1730istephenTested WorkingCan' display inital PS2 screen, but once in linux works fine. Can't do 1280x1024. A little unstable, but I think thats just cause its old
Sony000000000--ALL modelscyber_raven13Vendor Claims Should WorkAll Sony moniters are supposed to work since the sony ps2 and sony moniters have the same interface. if it doesnt work it is fake.
Sony15sfIIsanjuroTested WorkingWorks fine
Sony420GSdylanschellTested WorkingNo problems
Sonyallcyber_raven13Vendor Claims Should WorkAll Sony moniters are supposed to work since the sony ps2 and sony moniters have the same interface. if it doesnt work it is fake.
SonyAMD-A200ebmcpheeTested WorkingWorks well, and has a USB hub! Phew!
SonyCPD-100ESstemiyabTested Working
SonyCPD-100SFnserresTested Working
SonyCPD-110ESTgadgetfreakTested Working
SonyCPD-1302mmuletTested WorkingOn oldy but a goody
SonyCPD-1302mmuletTested WorkingIs displaying in green only; I would have deleted previous entry if I knew how.
SonyCPD-15sf2legendzTested Working
SonyCPD-17SF1priamTested WorkingSony Trinitron Multiscan 17sf, worked great!
SonyCPD-220VStorusTested WorkingVAIO purple monitor with speaker and usb, works fine
SonyCPD2401riptideTested Not WorkingThe screen is blank most of the time and flashes the display up every now and then. Seems to flash the display up more often when the display changes.
SonyCPD-4401jmatthewsTested WorkingWorks a treat. This was branded a Micron monitor.
SonyCPD-E230deepsighTested WorkingWorks beautifully
SonyCPD-E240/BajohnsonTested Working
SonyCPD E500EasandiniTested Working21'', a huge one. Work perfectly right out of the box
SonyCPD-G200warpdudeTested WorkingWorks great.
SonyCPD-G400 FD TrinitronpajoeTested WorkingBasic install and using kde, windowmaker looks good, did not do any extensive tests - "out of range" error until linux actually boots
SonyCPD-L181parnyTested WorkingSweeeet!
SonyCPD-L200dfidaleoTested WorkingWorks perfectly.
SonyF500RnicknguyenTested WorkingWorks well so far
SonyG220pbernascTested Workingno probs
SonyG400haraldsTested WorkingBe aware that ROM boot screen only shows on TV
SonyGDM-200PSTkattandpeistTested Working
SonyGDM-20E20xentekjcTested WorkingThis is a SUN monitor and uses a 13W3 adapter not VGA so you need a 13W3 female to DB9 male (vga) adapter. Bought mine from Max resolution in 24 bit is 1024x768 in 16 bit its 1280x1024
SonyGDM-400PSccourtneyTested Working
SonyGDM-500PSdragonboyTested Working
SonyGDM-F400fluffyTested Working
SonyGDM-F500defiantsoftTested WorkingFlawless
SonyGDM-F520jpaanaTested Working
SonyGDM-FW900crazedgeniusTested Working
SonyGDM SE17 11 & 21simonTested WorkingThese came with SGI Indys. Both work fine
SonyHDM-A240RitechusaTested WorkingDisplay activates after disc inserted chime sounds. Picture is clear in text and X11.
SonyHMD-420beetlejuiceTested WorkingPERFECT
SonyHMD-A200jarobertsonTested Not WorkingBlank screen; another reviewer says it works; doesn't work for me
SonyHMD-A200steven_leeTested Not WorkingI had the same problems as 'jarobertson'. The Monitor seems to stay in powerslave mode.
SonyHMD-A200ebmcpheeTested WorkingI previously put this as AMD-A200 (sorry) This works fine for install and after, and has a USB hub. All other sources suggest it should not.
SonyHMD-A200saiyanTested WorkingWork correctly
SonyHMD-A220ourumovTested Not WorkingIt doesn't even receive a signal...
SonyHMD-A230armkTested WorkingWorks great!
SonyHMD-A240lonest1rTested WorkingwOO-hOO!!!
SonyHMD-A400macgyverTested Not Working
SonyHMD-A440anfpunkTested WorkingWorked perfectly
SonyM51DsirolfTested WorkingPerfect!!
SonyMFM-HT95stellaeTested WorkingWorks perfectly. This monitor has also composite, YC & YCrCb inputs.
SonyMultiscan 100ES (CPD-100ES)15"spoonvtecTested WorkingWorks perfectly
SonyMultiscan 100GSnosfeTested WorkingWorks great
SonyMultiscan 100sf (CPD-100SF)rmiTested Working
SonyMultiscan 100sxbb1bTested WorkingWorks fine
SonyMultiscan 100SXps2tunesTested WorkingWorks fine...
SonyMultiscan 15sfjohhanTested WorkingWorked OK!
SonyMultiscan 15sf IIsteckleyTested Working
SonyMultiscan 15sxcide1Tested Working
SonyMultiscan 15sx (Trinitron)slashTested WorkingWorks wonderfully - no problems
SonyMultiscan 15sx (Trinitron)zweitrachtTested WorkingWorks perfectly! No fiddling necessary.
SonyMultiscan 17sedavidsanTested WorkingAbove user says it didn't work, but mine's working...
SonyMultiscan 17sepowerstatTested WorkingScreen comes up when you put in CD1 and wait a few seconds.
SonyMultiScan 17sebrooklynwalkerTested Not Working
SonyMultiScan 17sfjunomanTested WorkingOk in XWindows and setup but strange flickering when running demo's in 800x600x24. Changed to 1024x768x24 (uncomment line above in XGSConfig) and it works perfectly
SonyMultiscan 17sf9tonygodarTested Working
SonyMultiscan 17sf IIkevinholbrookTested WorkingModel CPD-17SF2
SonyMultiscan 200ESmakoto916Tested Working
SonyMultiscan 200GSspeedeightTested WorkingWorks fine
SonyMultiscan 200PSkrazy_coderTested WorkingInitial PS2 screen didn't work but everything else perfect!
SonyMultiscan 200sfmackerelTested Working
SonyMultiscan 200sxdeforTested WorkingFully compatible.
SonyMultiscan 200sxkiddsupremeTested WorkingWorks perfectly
SonyMultiscan 200 sxgaryfredTested Workingworks well
SonyMultiscan 200sx linux40gbTested WorkingWorks perfectly
SonyMultiscan 210ESfidschiTested Not WorkingFlickering Screen. No Signal @ DiscDruid. Switching to other consoles possible. (There you can use fdisk @ the commandprompt)
SonyMultiscan 210ES (CPD-210ES)tazmaniaTested WorkingWorks Perfectly.
SonyMultiscan 400PSlouis_davisTested Working
SonyMultiscan 420GScoyoteTested WorkingWorks fine
SonyMultiscan E100 (CPD-E100P)ourumovTested Not WorkingSame problem as HMD-A220...
SonyMultiscan E200navi01Tested Working
SonyMultiscan E210fast_altimaTested WorkingWorks Great
SonyMultiscan E230miguelTested WorkingWorks perfectly
SonyMultiscan E240mikeyzTested WorkingWorks right out of the box
SonyMultiscan E400gifTested WorkingWorks fine!
SonyMultiscan E440/Bmark_masseTested WorkingGreat looking 19'' monitor in PS2 black.
SonyMultiscan E500doug_morrisTested WorkingGreat Picture!
SonyMultiscan E540dazeyTested WorkingWorks like a charm.
SonyMultiscan G200maurkyTested WorkingWorks Perfectly.
SonyMultiscan G400firebrand9Tested Not Working
SonyMultiscan G400firebrand9Tested Working
SonyMultiscan G400jayeffaarTested WorkingWorks perfectly well, in spite of what firebrand9 reported
SonyMultiscan G400nnalamTested Working
SonyMultiscan G420hsfortunaTested Workingworks perfectly
SonyMultiscan G500malkiaTested Working
SonyMultiscan G520abertschTested Working
SonyS51R (S51R/B)patrykTested Not WorkingThis ?newer? S51R does not support Sync-On-Green (but according to manual S71R and bigger do)
SonySDM-HS53/Hskeptik1Tested Not WorkingBeautiful LCD, too bad does not support SoG and so does not work.
SonySDM-HS74PstellaeTested Not WorkingShould work according to the documentation but no picture at all.
SonySDM-M51saraheTested Working
SonySDM-M51scifienceTested WorkingWorks perfectly out right out of the box. LCD Display.
SonySDM-M51DkonradmTested Workingworks perfectly
SonySDM-M51D/BaragonTested WorkingNice. Perfect under X, but the console is not 100% viewable (100% horizontal, but close to 95% in vertical, almost perfect, don't care too much at all ;-P).
SonySDM-M61darrenbeckTested WorkingNeeded settings reset to get correct picture size (Works a treat)
SonySDM-M81ayu168Tested Working
SonySDM-N50gpaliotTested Working15" LCD - works out of the box - no problems
SonySDM-S51ibuckelsTested Not WorkingNewer models of this monitor no longer have sync-on-green
SonySDM-S51scorpionTested WorkingWorks after runtime environment loads
SonySDM-S51/BnumbersixTested WorkingWorks fine. Needs minor PHASE and H/CENTER adjustements.
SonySDM-S75dickibowTested Working17" LCD - Beautiful screen. Works with PS2 Linux perfectly.
SonySDM-S81ssmithTested WorkingWorks straight out of the box
SonySDM-V72Wred13Vendor Claims Should WorkSonyStyle Pre-Sales Support reported it has S.o.G.
SonySDM-V72WkenthemightyTested WorkingThis is the ULTIMATE PS2 Display. Works with every input type and display mode the PS2 is capable of generating (including S.O.G. VGA,) and is a perfect match for the PS2 casework.
SonySDM-X53BneomattTested WorkingNice 15" Sony TFT Monitor, Works With Ps2 And Also Pc.
SonySDM-X53B (Black Version)dickibowTested WorkingCrystal clear stunning LCD screen. Works perfectly.
SonySDM-X72drozdse1Tested WorkingSometime I think that this monitor has been developed for the Playstation Linux Kit :-)
SonySDM-X82yugobobinTested WorkingWorks Like a Charm, very clean pic, big size, and ease of use, plus you can have 3 devices hooked up at once, HD15 input 1 & 2, and DVI imput.
SonyTrinitron 17"firebrand9Tested Not WorkingProvided by Dell
SonyTrinitron 200ES (Multiscan)patrykTested WorkingWorks fine in console and in X, but flickered a bit during the ps2gl demo (could be software-related?)
SonyTrinitron Multiscan 110GSatcdevilTested Not WorkingFlickers for a minute then turns off... Doesn't have sync on green.
SonyTrinitron Multiscan 200SFtevenTested WorkingSeems Sony has a Hidden agenda here? Works Beautifully!
SonyTrinitron Multiscan 300sfaudguyTested Workingsweet!
SonyVPL-CS6 ProjectorchiefyTested WorkingWorks a treat, look kewl also.
SonyVPL-CX1spoutnikTested WorkingLCD projector. Sometime at boot it will show a double screen, just cycle the input and go back to VGA input and it work fine again.
SonyX52BfwernerTested WorkingWithout modification from beginning on. Best TFT I ever saw!
Sony Multiscan E240BjscruffyTested WorkingWaits about 20 seconds w/out of scan message then comes on
Sony Multiscan (trinitron) 15sfilwoodyTested Workingboot ps2 first, then turn on monitor
SONYCPD-200SFpinchonTested Working
SONYKV-36XBR400michael_r_roseTested WorkingWorks perfectly in DTV mode, 480p
SONYMultiscan 17sebrooklynwalkerTested WorkingPlease correct my previous "not working": I needed to wait about 2-3 minutes for the blue Install/Boot screen
SONYMultiscan E400jeromebTested Working
SONYMultiscan G400null_pointerTested WorkingPerfect!
SONYSDM-M51DBckchanTested WorkingNo problem what so ever... :-)
SONYSDM-P234veronicaxTested WorkingNo problems.
SONYSDM-S51jyhfTested WorkingWork Perfect!!! A+++
SONYSDM-X82BabulafiaTested WorkingNo problems; worked perfectly straight out of the box.
SONYSMD-M81gusatvoTested Working
Storm20" from 95´ (nomod#)ixiomTested Workingworks great on ps2 / mac .both connected
SunCHB7727LnotTested Not WorkingNothning
SunCHB7727LnotTested Not WorkingNothning
SunCHB7727LnotTested Not WorkingNothning
SunCM751UjbrentonTested Working
SunGDM-17E10notTested WorkingConsole and X
SunGDM-17E20carbsTested Not WorkingPower Light flashes, nothing is shown on screen, does not enter powersave though
SunGDM-17E20axsTested WorkingWorks just fine in console and XWindow
SunGDM-20E14unixxxTested WorkingWorks fine with 13W3 to VGA adaptor.
SunGDM5010PTlakataTested WorkingWorks Fine once the boot menu comes up
SunX7137A 18.1-inch TFT LCD DigiwenceTested WorkingWorks great. No issues.
Sun MicrosystemsNDP Model 447ZdarksnipeTested Not WorkingThe sync is off. I can tell I reached the Blue screen and can see it changes when I press X. But there is NOTHING legible.
Sun MicrosyystemsGDM-20E20kleungTested WorkingWorks fine with 13W3 to VGA adaptor.
SVAVR-17ScrazynachosTested Not WorkingPSH no signal ! weak
SVAVR-17ScrazynachosVendor Claims Should WorkUpdate:Still doesn't work but claims to support SOG .. tech support replies "sync on what?!?"
SylvaniaF72lotodescendentTested Not WorkingNothing...
SylvaniaF76mrcarl81Tested Not WorkingNothing at all
Sylvaniaf77zatarTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
SylvaniaF97 - 19"dberkompasTested Not WorkingBlank Screen
SylvaniaSC 190xeveniahTested Not WorkingDoesnt work what so ever no signal detected :-(
SylvaniaSF170dunpeal1978Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen
SyntaxOlevia LV 27 HDpickledfishTested Working27in HD LCD/TV with S-Video, component, DVI-D and VGA connections and integrated speakers, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio HDTV Input (YPbPr) 1(480p, 1080i, 720p) This baby works great!
synvaniaF77 17"peakhuntTested Not Workingnot working at all. shows strange behavior
SYS TechnologySYS-L512L (15" TFT LCD)bbruningTested Not WorkingBlank screen, no sync
Tandberg DataErgoScan 21cflukeTested WorkingNorwegian monitor;)
Targa1985A-2benaddisTested Not WorkingDoesn't support SoG
targetdh-1564mmicheldegoedeTested Not Workingonly green stripes
TatungCM14UAStanmanTested Not WorkingProduces narrow horizontal lines that roll vertically.
TATUNGCM17MKRrsteadmanTested Not WorkingDoesn't even recognize a signal
TaxanErgovision 730 TCOdominicTested WorkingWorks on console and X rock solid
TaxanErgovision 747bartiaTested Not WorkingOSD Message "Check Signal Cable"
TaxanErgovision 985phewTested WorkingNice clean image.
TaxanMultivision 925bootleggerTested WorkingWorks Perfectly
TAXANEgrovision 975 TCO 95ibuckelsTested Working
TAXANErgovision 750 TCO95kallimTested WorkingWork perfectly
techmediatcm-2148micheldegoedeTested Not Workingnothing
TeramarsXDM-1450little_nickyTested Not Working
Tiny17N 17"mj32Tested Not WorkingConstantly Rolling display. Far from readable.
Tiny17N 17"mj32Tested Not WorkingConstantly Rolling display. Far from readable.
Tiny19CtyrioneagleTested Not WorkingShows No Signal message
TinyA1770NSLtyrioneagleTested Not WorkingShows No Signal message
TinyB1996NSLtyrioneagleTested Not WorkingDisplays check signal message, also known as Lite-On B1996NSL
TopConLC17-AEcolinTested WorkingExcellent ( cheap ) 17" LCD monitor ( from HK )
Toshiba50HX82vampyrTested WorkingHDTV, screen needs size readjusted, but everything works perfect
ToshibaDA1566M (15")akmedscTested Not WorkingMonitor stays in 'hibernation' mode, not recieving a signal (that it understands)
ToshibatimmhyperTested WorkingWorks with Linux kit fine(color and sync), I havent tried other resolutions yet. side note DVD movies and PS2 games work but are green.
TOSHIBA17WL46fabriceTested Not Working
TRLCX-1464GLRlittle_nickyTested Not Working
trustpro visual 17inchmicheldegoedeTested Not Workingnothing
TTX7765GMshokwaveTested WorkingWorks great.
TTXTTX-1770robbybeastTested Not WorkingMonitor shows test pattern with rolling green image
TTXTTX-7565ErobbybeastTested Not WorkingOSD reports No Signal Input with rolling green image
TVS10" SVGAnimpbusTested Not WorkingBlack screen (no signal)
US Logic by Pixie15 InchmmuletTested Not WorkingImage green with unstable roll; couldn't stabilize image
VibrantALL MODELSplugnprayVendor Claims Should Not WorkEMail from vendor states 'old technology no longer used' none of their range support SoG. These monitors are popular items at 'bargain' pc shops.
Vibrantunknown (Like iMAC blue)ckchanTested Not WorkingNo picture, black screen.... ;-(
Video-7E17PSkalurielTested Not WorkingNothing
VideoSevenL17ASlotodoreTested Not Workingnothing
VideoSevenL19WAkalurielTested Not WorkingOut of range Message, even if a Sync-on-Green adapter
VideoSevenN110krysstTested Not Workingnothing happens
VideoSevenN96DNhidmindsTested Working
VideoSevenS96ShidmindsTested Not Working
VideoSevenV7-L15CstevehumphriesTested Not Working
Viento572andresTested Not Working
viewsonicvx924kearneyTested Workingjust plug it in and watch it go! No problems or flickering
Viewsonic15GSblackwolfTested WorkingWorked fine, had the monitor on before turning on PS2
Viewsonic17GSryanTested WorkingWorks like a champ
Viewsonic17PSplunketTested Not WorkingScreen comes off powersave, stays black.
ViewsonicA75fconsolegamerTested Not Working
ViewsonicA90nps2Tested WorkingNo Problems
ViewsonicA90-2 (revision of A90)tranisTested Not WorkingA90-2 is another revision of the A90 monitor that is still known to the consumers as an A90. The revised does not sync on green.
ViewsonicA90fstoleeVendor Claims Should Not Workflat screen isn't very similar to older version
ViewsonicE651rsandersivTested Not WorkingNo Picture
ViewsonicE70rmiTested Not Working
ViewsonicE75ffirebrand9Tested Not Working
ViewsonicE771llong_rmTested Not Working
ViewsonicG75FrsandersivTested Not WorkingMonitor Does not Support Sync On green According to Manufacturer
ViewsonicG771 Graphics SeriesutopiafuturaTested WorkingWorked right from the start!!!!
ViewsonicG90FjustinsmitTested Not Workingdoesn't work at all
ViewsonicGA771pdmaninaTested Workingconsole install worked fine; working on x
Viewsonicgt775mikejTested WorkingWorks great in linux, ps2 startup splash screen doesn't however
ViewsonicMultimedia Series M70BviewsonicTested WorkingWorks Fine
ViewsonicP775junkiehorentboyTested Workingnote: NOT the PT775. The P775 works beautifully
ViewsonicP815mcnabbdTested WorkingInstaleld at work on Dell P1110. Brought home without any changes and booted with P815 and works.
ViewsonicP95fktuckerTested WorkingLooks good
ViewsonicPF790llong_rmTested Workinghad to turn it off and on after boot screen loaded
ViewsonicPS775llong_rmTested Not Working
ViewsonicPS790llong_rmTested Working
Viewsonicpt775cyber_raven13Tested Not Workingout of sync
ViewsonicVA720vilnios84Tested Not WorkingNo signal, Blank Screen
ViewsonicVE150 Viewpanelllong_rmTested Not WorkingLCD
ViewsonicVE155maniroTested Not WorkingNo signal detected
ViewsonicVG171BneilgTested Not Working(LCD) "Out of range" message on ps2-linux boot.
ViewsonicVG191bschwartzTested Working19" LCD Works Great
ViewsonicViewsonic 17colkTested WorkingHas a seperate input mode thats selectable via the buttons on the Monitor
ViewsonicVP2000ssefirosuTested WorkingWorks fine
ViewsonicVX900driverTested WorkingWorks great, 19inch LCD
ViewSonic17GA (Model 1769GA-2)bitterpeaTested WorkingThis model has 2 RCA style sound input as well
ViewSonic17PSdarthpossumTested WorkingSomeone before me listed as 'not working' no prob here.
ViewSonic17PS (1786PS)alelorcaTested Working
ViewSonic21PsgraphicsboyVendor Claims Should WorkDoesnt work right off the bat. It rolls something terrible. I used another monitor to get a few screens in and then i could use this montior. Its not a good soution.
ViewSonic4sclydeTested Not WorkingSame as ViewSonic 6 (Nothing but a blank Screen)
ViewSonic5FGpnilesTested WorkingLinux frame buffer mode works, Playstation game mode does not.
ViewSonic6sclydeTested Not WorkingNothing but a blank screen
ViewSonic6Ehal15900Tested Not WorkingRolling Picture, not readable
ViewSonic7 (TX-1713MV)jgogganTested WorkingWorks from Linux boot menu on....
ViewSonicA50enduserTested Not Working
ViewSonicA70fairwitnessTested Not WorkingNo signal. Won't respond at all.
ViewSonicA70mogsterTested Not WorkingBlank screen
ViewSonicA70finkmanTested Not WorkingViewSonic website says this monitor does not support SOG
ViewSonicA72fdofsteadTested Not Workingjust a black screen for me.
ViewSonicA75sundertowTested Not WorkingJust a blank screen/Please Check Signal
ViewSonicA90unconTested Workingworks fine
ViewSonicA90fazriTested Not Working"check signal cable"... screen black, LED amber
ViewSonicA90f+sscorpioTested Not WorkingGet "Check Signal" Message
ViewSonicA95frafaelcTested Working
ViewSonicE55jsinTested Not WorkingNot detecting signal
ViewSonicE641spektyrTested Not WorkingBlack screen
ViewSonicE653johhanTested Not WorkingNo singal
ViewSonicE70fjustinmVendor Claims Should Not Workwtf. thats it. wtf.
ViewSonicE773sradziulTested Not WorkingGuesssssss What NO GO! Says Check Cable
ViewSonicE790anchoriteTested Not WorkingIs synch-on-green compliant but doesn't work ("Status out of sync")
ViewSonicE90lparkesTested Not WorkingI think the VESA ID for this monitor is E90-3, so probably revision 3 of the E90 model.
ViewSonicE90fccnTested Not Working
ViewSonicEA771BjbrentonTested Workingmodel: VCDTS21349-2M
ViewSonicEG51andresTested Not Working
ViewSonicG773josevstyleTested Not WorkingBlank screen - no activity
ViewSonicG810joeteedTested Workingno probs
ViewSonicG810narrowmindTested WorkingConsole Mode is great. Still working on X support.
ViewSonicG810 (VCDTS21655-5E)alelorcaTested Not WorkingA "PLEASE CHECK SIGNAL" message appears, then "DPMS mode off" and later nothing, blinking standby orange light.
Plugging same signal to other monitors like ViewSonic 17PS and Acer P791 worked. Cable not damaged. ??
ViewSonicGS771gatecrasherTested WorkingWorks with PS2-Linux Kit no problems. Note: If used with a KVM(at least with mine), other systems will display rolling scan lines. This behavior is only present while running X Windows. Works fine when only using bash.
ViewSonicGS773matthewfTested Workingslight 'magnet' effect at first, but fine now
ViewSonicGS790-2solo177Tested Not Working
ViewSonicGT775justinsmitTested WorkingWorks fine
ViewSonicM50justinsaundersTested WorkingSolid as a rock
ViewSonicM70B (Multimedia Series)xe4mxeeTested Working
ViewSonicP810machinegtTested WorkingWorks Great
ViewSonicP810penguinmasterTested Working
ViewSonicP815lunovusTested WorkingModel without USB (shouldn´t make a difference)
ViewSonicP815shoxTested WorkingWorks great. No issues.
ViewSonicP817patmillerTested WorkingHad to power cycle monitor to sync, sometimes loses partial sync
ViewSonicP95fyannTested WorkingNo problem!
ViewSonicP95f+vostorusTested Not WorkingVendor says it won't work too
ViewSonicPF77yannTested WorkingNo problem!
ViewSonicPF775jsinTested WorkingWorked OK
ViewSonicPF790karlanTested WorkingJust remember, if it doesn't work: in, and out, then repeat ;-)
ViewSonicPF795ctoferTested Workingworks fine
ViewSonicPF815cheongTested WorkingWorks Great
ViewSonicPJ875 Lightbird Projectormop414Tested Not WorkingNever gets past ViewSonic splash.
ViewSonicPT770kilanTested Not WorkingScreen does not turn on.
ViewSonicPT775maguroTested Not WorkingGet a "Status out of sync"
ViewSonicPT795pontusTested Working
ViewSonicVA-520 - LCDsvetliTested WorkingHook up PS2, hook up the LCD, reboot , clear picture, no flicking, no driver problems, smoot install, so i have to kick in on the LINUX. CHEERS !!!
ViewSonicVA800blackt1gerTested WorkingLCD - used 2nd monitor port. tricky to boot and get started.
ViewSonicVE150son_wh98Tested Not Workingblank screen
ViewSonicVG150theprototypeTested WorkingPerfect support, LCD.
ViewSonicVG150BalanhTested WorkingLCD.
ViewSonicVG171B muppet_wranglerTested WorkingJust use the on-screen menu to do "auto image adjust" and it works great.
ViewSonicVG500lmoore3rdTested Not WorkingLCD, can't access OSD, no signal and powers down.
ViewSonicVG700benygmaTested Not WorkingNo signal detected.
ViewSonicVP140jaofosTested WorkingWorks great
ViewSonicVP151statelyTested WorkingLCD (both VGA & NTSC work)
ViewSonicVP171bkarttuTested WorkingLCD with 2 VGA inputs and 1 DVI, very nice.
ViewSonicVP171sbgdaviesTested Working1280x1024@75 Hz, 16bpp
ViewSonicVP181hippriestTested Working
ViewSonicVP201mbpeekbTested Workinglcd panel
ViewSonicVPA150hippriestTested Not Working
ViewSonicVS11979brooklynkingpinTested WorkingWork with PS2 Linux hold select + L2 during start up.
ViewSonicVX912bupeTested WorkingLinux works, Soul Calibur 3 does not work
View Sonic17GAps2crazyTested WorkingThe playstation 2 screen when first booted doesn't show up very well. After that it works great.
View Sonic17PSivan300Tested Workingi rad View Sonic's EDID pressed Ctrl+ F5 and it listed S O G
View Sonic20PSmykroTested Workingnice
View SonicE640little_nickyTested Not Working
View SonicE653little_nickyTested Not Working
View SonicE70FjustinmTested Not Working... no signal
View SonicGS790 (Graphics Series)vectormanTested Not WorkingNothing
View sonic (optiquest)V775nathancmnmgTested WorkingTest me
ViewSonic (Optiquest)V775synmongerTested WorkingWorks with ps2linux, no problems, boot ps2 first, then turn on monitor
ViglenEnvy 17ESrprinceTested Working
ViglenMC1528LEmat_the_greenTested Not Working
ViglenTM3401cleaverTested Not WorkingStays off.
VisionVG-177PholycowTested Not WorkingShows lots of static
WenJK1473pdmaninaTested Not WorkingLights up, but that is all--blank screen
WinBookL19AYTN (19 Inch)clwardTested Not WorkingLCD What's in a name?
XeroxXA7-15ibinoxTested Working15 inch TFT screen, Works great :)
YakumoOF-1986 DOgpaliotTested Not WorkingStays in powersave. Garbage on screen in self-test mode.
YAKUMO772NmarinakiTested Not WorkingNO SE VE
Zenith Data SystemsZCM-1430gooruTested Not WorkingNothing

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