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This website is hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment, and dedicated to giving users and developers of Linux for PlayStation 2 a place to interact and host software and documentation projects.

Whether you are into coding games and graphic demos, or using Linux, Linux for PlayStation 2 is here to be a useful resource for you. Check out our FAQ for lots of useful information for new comers, and our discussion forums for everyone.

If you don't have a kit already, we have info about about prices and availability for different countries.Please note that Linux for PlayStation 2 is now sold out in North America.

    Tue 28 Sep 2004, sarahe

Having problems with your kit?
Ethernet: If you have a newer PlayStation®2 and are having problems with your ethernet freezing after brief use, please check out the improved SMAP beta drivers in the Linux for PlayStation®2 community project.

Hardware: If you are getting signal 10/11 errors, please see this message to see if this applies to you.

    Sun 12 Jan 2003, abertsch, updated by sarahe

Latest News
Closing down
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2009-Jun-04 03:49
After 7 years of service, the time has come when we must plan for closing down this site. We appreciate there are some valuable downloads and postings here, and we're looking at continuing to provide an archive of those for you once the site is gone - please let us know what you'd vote for putting in there.

SPS2? VCL? Let us know! We have a few months left to go, but by the end of October 2009 we will be looking at closing down the site as it stands now.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic members of the PS2Linux community!

Server Outage
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - mrich - 2008-Aug-07 14:12
Dear community,

As you may have observed, this server has been down for a period of time. The site suffered a hardware failure and we have been working to restore it. All the content has been preserved, and should now be available.

We apologise for the time the restoration has taken. Please let us know if you find any problems using this restored service.

Sony Computer Entertainment
Firefox available
 Mozilla for PlayStation2 - ppietro - 2007-Nov-09 04:10
Hi everyone,

Just posted a build of Firefox Have fun!


The Future of Mozilla for the PlayStation2
 Mozilla for PlayStation2 - ppietro - 2007-Nov-09 04:09
Hi everyone,

I could have sworn that I updated the News section a few months ago... but even if I did, it's gone now.

"So - what's going on with Mozilla for the PS2?" you might be wondering.

Well - I'm kind of spinning the project down. There's a couple of reasons.

The main reason is that Firefox 2.0's memory footprint seems to be larger than Firefox 1.5. What this means is that the performance of Firefox 2.0 suffers on the PS2 compared to Firefox 1.5.

Unfortunately, the Firefox team has officially halted development on Firefox 1.5 with build, so there won't be any more updates to that build tree. I'll continue to build Firefox 2.0 when I get time, but the performance hit may make it less desireable than 1.5.

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PS2Linux pros at DevStation
 Linux for PlayStation 2 Community - sarahe - 2007-May-04 03:37
A group of the long-time #sps2 irc channel users met up at the SCEE DevStation developer event in London last night. Hello to sparky, bjt, kazan, jbit and nervus, it's great to see developers from Linux on PS2 going pro :)

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