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Project 3D graphical MUD ClientThe client uses TCP/IP to connect to a server, which will provide strategic and tactical information regarding the game. Operational decisions are made by the client. The client supports audio using /dev/dsp, graphics using SPS2 (code by Jonathan "Kazan" Hobson), and uses both the pads and the keyboard as interfaces. It will allow people to talk to each other, fight each other and the monsters that are in the MUD, and solve any available quests (two so far). Models are stored in Milkshape 3D format, textures in swizzled tm2 format and audio is currently in 11025 mono 8-bit format, though this could change later. Players can move around with the directional buttons and the left stick, control the camera with the right stick, interact with the environment using the square button, fight using the cross button. Many other options (spells, option screens, mail boxes, et cetera) are available. See the file "CONTROLS" for details. The project is currently looking for people that want to help coding and testing. Please contact me! (Contact me if you download the code, want to use the server, or for any other reason).None
Project 3DX3DX is a Linux distrobution for the Playstation 2. Guides, kernels, precompiled programs, and support can be found here.None
Project APA Partition SupportThis project provides the tools and information for running PS2 Linux on an APA (Aligned Partition Allocation) partition. This allows your PS2 Linux and PS2 Game Data to co-exist on the same hard-drive.None
Project Ball GameWelcome to Ball Game, your aim is to direct your ball to the goal on each level, sound easy? Then think again, you dont have direct control over your ball, instead you have to shoot it around the level, a bit like a pool ball, but this isn't some nice flat pool table, you'll have to content with gravity, wind, water and slopes, of course you're not entirely helpless, no you can collect power spheres along the way which allow you to change the properties of you ball (such as making it bouncy, or solid and heavy, or even turning it into a cube), but remember you can only carry a few of these spheres at once, it's up to you to decide which ones you want and which ones you leave behind.None
Project Compiled For Your Convenience

A bunch of useful scripts, binaries, etc of all the stuff you're likely to compile yourself, to help get things up and running quickly when installing a new Linux Kit.

If you have compiled something and would like to submit it to the project, e-mail with an attachment or link. The full list of project admins is available on the project page.

A list of links to useful ps2linux related websites is in the "Docs" tab.

CFYC now has a website.

Need to know what all this software does? Read the CFYC software guide list

Project DJ RevolutionDJ Revolution is a real time DJ simulation that uses the analog controller DualShock2 (for Playstation 2) to scratch, switch records and tracks, adjust pitch, volume, and effects, and generally just remix stuff on the fly. It supports customizable records with user defined tracks, reversable crossfaders with different tapers, and customizable textures for the turntables, mixers, and record labels. Scripts will be included for creating new records and converting tracks to the 48k stereo 16 bit signed audio format that must be used. Eventually, I'd like to add in a bemani-style music game where you can battle your friends in 2 player modeNone
Project ecare/itv prototype for senior citizensThis software is a prototype of a server-client system for senior citizens. It consists of a shopping-system, a message-system, a health-system, an emergency-system and two games. The software was created as the practical part of my diploma thesis. It is stable, however it is very insecure and slow, because the purpose of this prototype was to do usability-tests.None
Project EffecTV for PS2"EffecTV" is a real-time video effect processor. You can enjoy movies, TV programs and any other video stream through the many amazing effects. "EffecTV for PS2" is a specialized version for PlayStation2 Linux. It uses the power of graphics processing of PlayStation2 to create more amazing effect.None
Project Elite Black EditionBased on the tutorials provided by Dr H S Fortuna a remake of the 1980's classic 'Elite' for the SONY PlayStation 2 Linux Development Kit. In the initial release only the original game will be available, ie trading/combat, however future addtions include the ability to play 'online', more ships, features (ability to fly around the planet surface for example, co-operation between players, fleet management and control, planetary system control. Work in progress, currently will render all objects, and basic trading is being worked in at the moment.

The new home for this project is located here.
Project EmotionVJThe purpose of this project is to create a PlayStation2-based visual mixer, that allows you to create your own "clips". Ideally it will work with 3d objects, particles, text and images that you can store on your HDD. Far future plans: support for EyeToy or USB Camera and USB sound sampling (for real-time synchro to the music). It will be like Moderngroove MOS Edition, but open for new visualisation sources.None
Project EyeToy driver - Linux for PlayStation2Driver to allow people to use the EyeToy in their projects on Linux for PlayStation 2.None
Project FlubbFlubb will be a puzzle/action game in which you'll have to shoot around some ball in a sticky level to reach a goal. The first task of this project will be a gameplay prototype to find out if and exactly how this concept works ;)None
Project GNU C CompilerGCC is a standards compliant C compiler supported on a great number of platforms. This project will release binary and source versions of the compiler with support for Linux for Playstation 2.None
Project Gnu School Step RevolutionGSSR (Gnu School Step Revolution) is a PS2Linux port of a number of open source dance games. GSSR will eventually support any dance pad that is compatible with the PSX versions of Konami's Step Step Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution. It wil also eventually support tempo matching of (almost) any MP3 to sync game arrows with any song loaded.None
Project GPL Quake to PS2 ConversionThe core of this project is converting the GPL'd source for Quake to the Playstation 2. The first complete conversion release will include level, model, and texture examples with open license binaries for example purposes. To use the full package, I'd recommend purchasing Ultimate Quake. The documentation will include where to put the game binaries and methods of getting to them.None
Project GravaStarBelive me or not, but there is a life on the Mars. Try to find it with the Grava Star Game. A Martian action/strategy game for Linux KitNone
Project HyperCubeHyperCube is a fast-paced multiplayer Tetris-like puzzle game. It will support multiplayer via network play with up to 4 simultaneous players, and single console play with 2 players. Bot support for single-player play will eventually be added.None
Project IGGS_PS2 3D engineIGGS_PS2 is the name of the project our team has taken. What this project is about is utilizing the strengths of the PlayStation 2 hardware, as exposed through the SPS2 development library and libps2dev , in a meaningful and understandable way in order to provide strong foundations for a modern game engine using techniques that focus on hardware friendly approaches rather than complete reliance on the Linux operating system abstraction of the PlayStation 2 architecture. Our engine will work towards providing a graphics API (Transformation, Lighting, Clipping, Texturing, etc...) a basic game logic, animation and basics physics support. Our engine will feature also a model loader based on 3DSIntmd and IntmdLoader as provided by the PS2conv project: Ideas and suggestions were taken also from Henry Fortuna's PlayStation 2 Linux home-page at: A lot of thanks go also to Sparky, Sauce, Cashimor, nAo, Fafalada, ERP and others on the #sps2 channel for their help, guidance and moral support (and some deserved kicks in the butt ;)). We want to make a point of a good documentation of the engine's components and of the algorithm/ideas chosen during development as we hope the experience we gather working on PlayStation 2 might be useful to others as well as to ourselves. We will make such documentation available in the future through journals published in HTML format as well as providing pre-compiled and working binaries.None
Project Laatukauraa (demo)Laatukauraa is a tAAt ( combined demo contribution for the Assembly 2002. Unfortunately it was not shown on the big screen, but here it is. Enjoy. Includes source code (uses PS2GL). Does NOT contain the used libraries (libmad ( for mp3 playback and ODE ( for physics. Requires the newest bigphysarea kernel patches (for PS2STUFF). None
Project lesschessThis is a port from OpenGL to SPS2 of a simple, fast, 3D chessboard program. Not all of the chess moves are yet implemented, e.g. castling, and no checking for endgame situations (like checkmate or stalemate) is performed. However, it compiles and runs perfectly fine, and is perfect for those moments that you don't have a chessboard handy...None
57 projects in result set.
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