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 Closing down
 Server Outage
 PS2Linux pros at DevStation
 Changes to PAL Linux kit items and pricing
 Schedule: Server maintenance (1/3/06 from 2PM - 6PM PST)
 UK: talk on PlayStation technology
 UK: Original size PlayStation 2 units available
 UK: PlayStation 2 development prize awards
 Happy New Year!
 Season's Greetings!
 Linux for PlayStation 2 paper at CGAIDE 2004
 Notice: Move to subversion
 Italy: PlayStation 2 programming articles published in DEV
 SCEE Job Vacancies: London, Technology Group
 Europe: 2 week order delay
 Goodbye Adam!..and hello Roger
 15 March 2004: Linux for PlayStation 2 pricing
 New Coding for the PlayStation 2 guide
 London UK: Recruiting Engineer
 UK:Demo at South Birmingham Linux Users Group this Thursday
 PS2Linux in Toronto, Canada.
 SCPH-39001 & Signal 10/Signal 11 install errors
 London UK: Recruiting Engineer
 VU Coding Contest: Results!
 London UK: Recruiting graduate engineer
 Europe: Network Access Disc Vouchers are out!
 UK: Work with us this summer
 PS2Linux in education: SHU launch MSc using Linux for PS2, SIGGRAPH sketch
 PS2Linux in education: Abertay University open Linux for PlayStation 2 studio
 Coding Contest Time everywhere!
 UK, France, Germany Spain: Apply for online gaming trials!
 Linux kit at CeBIT, Hannover Germany, 12-19th March
 FAQ Updated
 Europe: Student placements at SCEE, London
 Linux for PlayStation 2 at LUGOD
 Linux for Playstation 2 at SCALE in Los Angeles
 Kit on show at LinuxWorld, Frankfurt, Germany
 Linux Kit at Linux Expo, London, UK
 Linux Kit available at
 Beta SMAP Driver released
 Linux kit at Games Convention, Leipzig, Germany 29 Aug - 1 Sep
 Linux kit at The PlayStation Experience, London, UK 29th - 31st August
 Linux kit at Assembly 2002, Finland
 US: Linux (for Playstation 2) Kit temporarily unavailable
 Independant Games Festival
 Linux kit at Consumer Electronics Show, Australia, 13-16 June
 European orders: your contact details, Public holidays
 Linux kit at Extreme Computing festival, London, UK on Sun 9th June
 Codingstyle Interviews Linux (for Playstation 2) people
 Linux kit released in Europe & New Zealand (Australia on 27th)

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