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  Documentation  Documentation
      Conference Materials/Presentations  Conference materials and presentations
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      Hardware Manuals  Documentation on the PS2 hardware
  Drivers and SDKs  Libraries, drivers, and associated APIs for using them
  Sample Code  Sample code
      DMA  Code showing the use of DMA and the libpkt libraries.
      EE  The core MIPS side of the processor (Emotion Engine)
      GS and GIF  Code showing various usages of the GIF and GS (Graphics Synthesiser)
      Peripherals  Stuff that connects to the PS2 externally
          Controllers  Pads, NeGcon, DualShocks, Guns, and other controllers
          USB  USB mice, keyboards, cameras, etc.
      VU and VIF  Code using the VU (Vector Units) and VIF (Vector unit InterFace)
  Tools  Tools and applications
      Audio  Audio tools
      Graphics  Graphics tools
      Programming  Programming tools
          Utilities  Programming utilities
      Testing and QA  Testing and QA tools

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C and C++ Programming Newbie SocietyThe aim of the C and C++ Programming Newbie Society is to teach programming to a wide variety of skill levels. Ranging from people who have never written code in their lives, to people who are aces in other languages (Such as Perl, PHP, or Visual Basic). There will be links to tutorials, code snippets to download, compile on their PS2's, and learn from, forums in which to discuss programming techniques, and ask for C/C++ help. I myself am on the journey of discovery with C/C++, and will therefore be posting my progress for others to follow. The Playstation2 Linux platform is a new and exciting opportunity for would-be programmers to arise and share their ideas, this project will attempt to bring their ideas to life with the magic of C/C++ and PS2 Linux.
 simple1Release Noteshelloworld-1.0.tar.gz (2 KB)16 May, 20032312
Compiled For Your Convenience

A bunch of useful scripts, binaries, etc of all the stuff you're likely to compile yourself, to help get things up and running quickly when installing a new Linux Kit.

If you have compiled something and would like to submit it to the project, e-mail with an attachment or link. The full list of project admins is available on the project page.

A list of links to useful ps2linux related websites is in the "Docs" tab.

CFYC now has a website.

Need to know what all this software does? Read the CFYC software guide list

 Cross-Compiler1.0Release (27,572 KB)17 Feb, 20042035
 FRAMEWORK0.031Release Noteslearning031_src.tgz (823 KB)
learning03to031.diff (2 KB)
27 Jul, 20022605
 GuidecurrentRelease Notescfyc-guide.html (18 KB)10 Aug, 20022591
 HOWTOs0.1Release Notesexrc.tgz (2 KB)
HOWTO_blindly_install_ps2linux.html (11 KB)
HOWTO_blindly_setup_networking.html (3 KB)
HOWTO_blindly_setup_p2lboot.opt_file.html (4 KB)
HOWTO_compile_nethack.txt (21 KB)
HOWTO_setup_samba.html (16 KB)
HOWTO_shift_the_display_on_TV.html (2 KB)
Newbie_FAQ_v1.1.html (18 KB)
22 May, 20022671
 READMEs0.1Release Notesabiword.README (1 KB)
darcnes.README (1 KB)
dillo-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
dillo-ssl-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
dos2unix-3.1-11.mipsel.rpm.README (1 KB)
fmsx.README (1 KB)
pico-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
pilot-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
pine-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
wmx-6-1.mipsel.rpm.README (3 KB)
10 Jun, 20022652
 RPMs0.1Release Notesbash-2.05b-0.1.mipsel.rpm (2,306 KB)
BitchX-1.0c19-1.mipsel.rpm (549 KB)
BitchX-common-1.0c19-1.mipsel.rpm (1,004 KB)
cdparanoia-alpha9.8-8.mipsel.rpm (108 KB)
cdparanoia-devel-alpha9.8-8.mipsel.rpm (63 KB)
ctags-5.2.3-1.mipsel.rpm (81 KB)
curl-7.9.8-1.mipsel.rpm (344 KB)
curl-devel-7.9.8-1.mipsel.rpm (153 KB)
dillo-0.6.5-1.mipsel.rpm (121 KB)
dillo-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm (260 KB)
dillo-0.8.4-1.mipsel.rpm (299 KB)
dillo-ssl-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm (529 KB)
dillo.ssl-0.8.4ssl-1.mipsel.rpm (302 KB)
dos2unix-3.1-11.mipsel.rpm (76 KB)
epic-1.0.1-6.mipsel.rpm (793 KB)
grip-3.0.0-1.mipsel.rpm (985 KB)
kdbg-1.2.0-3.mipsel.rpm (284 KB)
kdevelop-1.3-1.mipsel.rpm (5,079 KB)
lame-3.89beta-1.mipsel.rpm (234 KB)
libao-0.8.3-1.mipsel.rpm (167 KB)
libao-devel-0.8.3-1.mipsel.rpm (8 KB)
libogg-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (42 KB)
libogg-devel-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (51 KB)
libvorbis-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (366 KB)
libvorbis-devel-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (524 KB)
links-2.0-0.pre5.mipsel.rpm (470 KB)
links-graphic-2.0-0.pre5.mipsel.rpm (1,805 KB)
lynx-2.8.4-1.mipsel.rpm (682 KB)
Maelstrom-3.0.5-1.mipsel.rpm (1,079 KB)
nano-1.0.9-1.mipsel.rpm (222 KB)
openssh-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (218 KB)
openssh-askpass-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (41 KB)
openssh-clients-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (330 KB)
openssh-server-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (198 KB)
openssl-0.9.6b-18.mipsel.rpm (1,472 KB)
openssl-devel-0.9.6b-18.mipsel.rpm (1,005 KB)
openssl-perl-0.9.6b-18.mipsel.rpm (20 KB)
pico-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm (273 KB)
pilot-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm (268 KB)
pine-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm (2,592 KB)
rdesktop-1.1-0.mipsel.rpm (31 KB)
smpeg-0.4.4-1.mipsel.rpm (290 KB)
smpeg-devel-0.4.4-1.mipsel.rpm (133 KB)
teTeX-1.0-7.mipsel.rpm (40,005 KB)
uade-0.71-1ps2.mipsel.rpm (1,019 KB)
vim-6.1-1.mipsel.rpm (2,490 KB)
vorbis-tools-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (331 KB)
wmx-6-1.mipsel.rpm (77 KB)
xmms-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (1,508 KB)
xmms-devel-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (36 KB)
xmms-esd-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (21 KB)
xmms-gl-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (13 KB)
xmms-gnome-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (17 KB)
xmms-mikmod-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (37 KB)
zlib-1.1.4-2k.mipsel.rpm (61 KB)
zlib-1.1.4-2k.nosrc.rpm (5 KB)
zlib-devel-1.1.4-2k.mipsel.rpm (68 KB)
27 May, 20022666
 Scripts0.1Release Notesmkbootmc-rescue-0.1.tar.gz (3 KB)12 Jul, 20022620
 SRPMs0.1Release NotesBitchX-1.0c19-1.src.rpm (2,478 KB)
cdparanoia-alpha9.8-8.src.rpm (120 KB)
grip-3.0.0-1.src.rpm (818 KB)
kdbg-1.2.0-3.src.rpm (338 KB)
kdevelop-1.3-1.src.rpm (5,526 KB)
lame-3.89beta-1.src.rpm (804 KB)
openssh-3.4p1-1.src.rpm (873 KB)
openssl-0.9.6b-18.src.rpm (1,907 KB)
xmms-1.2.7-1.src.rpm (2,793 KB)
3 Jun, 20022659
 TGZs0.1Release Notesabiword_mipsel.tgz (3,052 KB)
ctags-5.2.3.tar.gz (215 KB)
darcnes.tar.gz (383 KB)
devil_libs-1.6.6.tgz (311 KB)
fMSX.tar.gz (461 KB)
gaim-0.59.9-pre_compiled_for_PS2LINUX.tgz (12,147 KB)
libpng-1.2.5.tar.gz (1,265 KB)
Python-2.2.3.tar.gz (15,336 KB)
smbfs.o.gz (28 KB)
svn-1.1.0-ps2linux.readme (2 KB)
svn-1.1.0-ps2linux.tar.bz2 (9,289 KB)
vnc-3.3.3r2_mipsel_linux_1.0.tgz (1,136 KB)
xchat-1.8.11-pre_compiled_for_PS2LINUX.tgz (7,325 KB)
xemacs-21.4.14.tar.gz (20,987 KB)
9 Jun, 20022653
 XFree863.3.6-1aEERelease NotesXFree86-100dpi-fonts-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (1,253 KB)
XFree86-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (7,089 KB)
XFree86-3.3.6-1aEE.src.rpm (44,570 KB)
XFree86-75dpi-fonts-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (1,084 KB)
XFree86-cyrillic-fonts-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (319 KB)
XFree86-devel-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (16,851 KB)
XFree86-doc-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (9,414 KB)
XFree86-gs-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (745 KB)
XFree86-libs-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (3,488 KB)
XFree86-xfs-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (257 KB)
XFree86-Xnest-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (504 KB)
XFree86-Xvfb-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (745 KB)
25 Jun, 20022637
Homebrew HavenHomebrew Haven provides PS2/Linux kit owners with the documentation, tools and libraries they need to write PS2 native software that is loaded by the RTE bootloader. Such programs are assured full access to the PS2's hardware without the performance and operating system penalties imposed by the Linux operating system. Eventually Homebrew Haven hopes to provide demo, game, and application developers all the tools needed to run both standard and kit-bootable PS2 software.
 demo-sourceledflashRelease Notesledflash-0.9.tar.gz (3 KB)25 Jun, 20022636
 reload11.1Release Notesreload1-1.0-1.1.diff.gz (2 KB)
reload1-1.1.tar.gz (19 KB)
15 Nov, 20041763
IGGS_PS2 3D engineIGGS_PS2 is the name of the project our team has taken. What this project is about is utilizing the strengths of the PlayStation 2 hardware, as exposed through the SPS2 development library and libps2dev , in a meaningful and understandable way in order to provide strong foundations for a modern game engine using techniques that focus on hardware friendly approaches rather than complete reliance on the Linux operating system abstraction of the PlayStation 2 architecture. Our engine will work towards providing a graphics API (Transformation, Lighting, Clipping, Texturing, etc...) a basic game logic, animation and basics physics support. Our engine will feature also a model loader based on 3DSIntmd and IntmdLoader as provided by the PS2conv project: Ideas and suggestions were taken also from Henry Fortuna's PlayStation 2 Linux home-page at: A lot of thanks go also to Sparky, Sauce, Cashimor, nAo, Fafalada, ERP and others on the #sps2 channel for their help, guidance and moral support (and some deserved kicks in the butt ;)). We want to make a point of a good documentation of the engine's components and of the algorithm/ideas chosen during development as we hope the experience we gather working on PlayStation 2 might be useful to others as well as to ourselves. We will make such documentation available in the future through journals published in HTML format as well as providing pre-compiled and working binaries.
Linux for PlayStation 2 CommunityLinux for PlayStation 2 Community administrative page.
 serialbetaRelease Noteslinux-2.2.1_ps2-modem.diff (9 KB)
serial.o (43 KB)
vmlinux.modem (2,100 KB)
19 Sep, 20022551
 smapbetaRelease (56 KB)
smap.o (43 KB)
14 Aug, 20022587
MIPS Assembly Language TutorialThis is a tutorial in MIPS assembly language programming, intended for individuals that have not seen assembly language programming before. There is nothing in this course specific to the PS2, however PS2 developers have found the course useful. The emphasis on how computers work. The goal of the course is not to turn you into a MIPS programmer, but to give you an understanding of all computer systems. The only equipment you need for this course is a PC. The only software you need is the SPIM simulator of the MIPS R2000 processor and a text editor. The simulator is available by free download.
 audio1.0Release (26,584 KB) (26,259 KB) (26,166 KB) (23,950 KB)
27 Jun, 20051539
 tutorial1.0Release (2,478 KB)27 Jun, 20051539
Pinp Is Not Pool
====== Everything is now uploaded and in final form as far as we are concerned ====

This project is (at this stage) exactly what it says it isn't: a Pool game for the PS2 :)

The intention when this project was started was to create an arcadey Pool game with powerups, jumps, different playing surfaces etc... We were not able to achieve this in the given time, but otherwise it's a nice entertaining game :)

The game has been in development by us - a team of 4 at the University of Canberra - for about a year now, as our final year Engineering project. It was done mostly working on Saturdays and perhaps a few days here and there where we could fit them in.

To do in the future (probably by other willing people, since we don't have access to PS2s outside of uni):

Implement the 'arcadey' portion.
Make physics run better (on VUs?).
Whatever anyone comes up with :).
 PC port1.0Release (1,360 KB)7 Dec, 20041741
 PS2 code and tech man1.0Release (1,206 KB) (132 KB) (2,999 KB)
7 Dec, 20041741
PlayStation 2 for EducationThe PlayStation 2 for Education project is for those of us using the PlayStation 2 for education. The project is a place where we pass on to others how we use the PlayStation 2. The project will have reviews of software we use to educate ourselves and software we use when we are at our schools or other places of learning. The project will be a resource for other projects that are building software for education, providing a place to find people interested in some topic or education related project. It can provide help or pointers to more information when that is needed. The PlayStation 2 and the Linux kit provide a good way to learn. This project provides a place to start learning with the PlayStation 2.
Playstation 2 Linux System DocumentationThe P2LSD Project provides documentation for setting up, using and programming for the Playstation 2 Linux system. Items included in the project are FAQs, HOW-TOs and Handbooks about very specific PS2 Linux topics such as "How to use the IPU" and "The Memory Card FAQ".
 Programming1.02Release Notes01_moving_sprite.tgz (14 KB)
02_show_time.tgz (17 KB)
03_vram_viewer.tgz (16 KB)
32bit_colour_channel_shifting.pdf (169 KB)
fastrsqrt.pdf (68 KB)
guide_ps2_programming_01.html (13 KB)
ps2_normalmapping.pdf (2,062 KB)
ps2vufaq.html (26 KB)
sparkys_swizzle_code.html (15 KB)
tips_tricks.html (4 KB)
30 Jul, 20022601
 Runtime Environment1.0Release Notesps2nohdd.html (5 KB)
ps2rte-howto.xml (8 KB)
15 Jul, 20022616
 System1.0Release Notesp2lkit-handbook.html (43 KB)
p2lkit-handbook.tar.gz (1,096 KB)
14 Aug, 20022586
PlayStation IDE for WindowsPSXIDE codenamed 'KONDEV' has arrived, well at least a snapshot of my development and associated documentation that I have done. KONDEV is (will be) the ultimate in console development so you can develop for consoles like the PlayStation, PlayStation2 (Native or Linux based), Nintendo64, GameCube, XBox, PC (Windows and Linux) you get EVERYTHING you need including editors, debugger, emulator, compilers, docs, libaries, tools. Oh yeah AND THE SOURCE CODE. Contained in the zip file is the following : Windows Binary of the IDE Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Emulator (YES!) Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Debugger Various tools, work in progress The source code to the LOT of it
The new home for KonDev here.
 DevSnapshotWork_and_doc_ZIPPEDRelease NotesAboutBox.bmp (1,098 KB)
KonDev2.reg (25 KB) (7,155 KB)
22 Aug, 20032214
PS2 3D programming TutorialThis is a project of a tutorial about 3D programming with linux kit and SPS2 library module. This tutorial start from the basic of 3D programming and goes on on more detailed topics. The tutorials is composed by a pdf document and accompaning examples. Some tools written in Visual Basic .NET are used throughout the tutorial to accomplish various tasks. VB was used because it was quick to produce utility with and it produces better interface rather using plain C++. VB.NET make also possible to access C++ code through Managed C++. I hope that you'll enjoy my work. Good work to everyone and have fun with PS2.
 PS2-3dProgrammingTutorial0.4aRelease NotesPS2-tut-0.4_a.tgz (577 KB) (304 KB)
Tutorials.tgz (210 KB)
16 Apr, 20041976
 RegMaker-Win32-net1.1.zip0.2Release NotesReadme.pdf (220 KB) (22 KB)
5 Jan, 20042078
 TexConv-Win32-net1.1.zip0.1Release (16 KB)5 Jan, 20042078
PS2 Distributed Computing ResourceIn between playing games, compiling applications, listening to music, etc., there is much unused floating-point power that could be used for distributed computing projects, like Folding@Home, SETI@Home, or Distributed.Net. It is our aim to bring together several ps2 programmers that wouldn't mind discussing the advantages of having a client for the ps2 and also helping any compliant projects by porting their client, and eventually optimizing the client for the Emotion Engine. Obviously, these distributed computing projects are not completely open source, but usually all interesting code is released. So volunteer porters will likely have to sign a NDA with the project saying they will not leak information about how the data is verified to be from an authentic client.
PS2 Hardware in Linux HOWTOsThe hardware manuals do a great job of describing the PS2 hardware in fine detail. However, they were written before the Linux kit existed, and thus do not refer to methods of using the PS2 hardware from Linux. Linux is an operating system that is itself widely documented, tutorials on using Linux exist all over the net. This project's aim is to bridge the gap - to answer questions directly relating to accessing and using the PS2 hardware from the linux kit.
ps2linux: the basicsthis project is meant to teach complete n00b's, and any one else, how to do just about anything on ps2 linux starting with the basics (comands,ect.).in the end hopefuly the forums will only need to deal with advanced technical questions. I'll post as i learn. Help greatly appreciated.
PS2 Linux without a Hard Disk DriveThe Playstation2 Linux kernel allows for the possibility of expanding a file system image into a ramdisk created at bootup time. This bypasses the need for the hard disk and network adapter. However, seeing as it must use the proprietary RTE on the kit's DVD1, this is not a way of bypassing buying the kit altogether, it would simply allow you to demo some of your work on a friend's PS2 without them having to buy the kit. So far we have investigated and successully been able to replace the large glibc with the much smaller uClibc, and replace the shell and other useful commands with the busybox, both of which are used in embedded systems work, and are designed for small file sizes, thereby using less of the PlayStation's 32Mb of RAM with the ramdisk, leaving more for sample applications to run in.
 External sources1.0Release Notesbusybox-0.60.0.tar.gz (790 KB)
busybox-0.60.3.tar.gz (754 KB)
uClibc-0.9.14.tar.gz (1,470 KB)
uClibc-0.9.15.tar.gz (1,486 KB)
15 Sep, 20022555
 Images0.99Release Notesnohdd_glibc.img (2,717 KB)
uclibgz_4096.img (407 KB)
uclibgz_6144.img (929 KB)
15 Sep, 20022555
 Instructions0.99Release Notescloop-0.68-bin_and_source.tgz (331 KB)
mini_kernel.html (8 KB)
nohdd_cloop.html (15 KB)
nohdd_generic.html (5 KB)
nohdd_sps2.html (5 KB)
ps2nohdd.html (5 KB)
uclibnohdd.htm (7 KB)
15 Sep, 20022555
Samba101Samaba101 will be a project covering the installation, setting up and using Samba on your PS2 Linux Kit. After setup is done correctly you will be able to transfer files from other platforms such as Windows. This project will be my first of a series of projects concerning the PlayStation®2 Linux Kit and I will record eveything I learn as I go along from what to do and what not to do. The documents will be in PDF ( Acrobat ) format. Comments are welcome and can be sent to
SPS2 - Direct PS2 Access EnvironmentThe sps2 project is home to utilities that seek to maximize direct access to the PS2 hardware -- the DMAC, the VUs and the EE/GS registers -- within the linux kernel. The approach taken by sps2 is one that requires no kernel modification (other than loading a kernel module) and does not permanently reserve any portion of the memory for DMA access at boot time. This project is home to the module, the support libraries, and sample applications that use it. A possible long-term goal for the project is to create an environment such that the same code can be compiled and run either within the linux kernel or directly on the RTE, hopefully maximizing the similarity between linux-based development and low-level development.
 sps2dev0.4.0Release Notessps2dev-0.4.0.tgz (1,381 KB)14 Feb, 20042037
 sps2mod0.4.0Release Notessps2mod-0.4.0.tgz (18 KB)14 Feb, 20042037
 sps2tools0.0.0Release Notesgeommath.tgz (7 KB)24 Sep, 20032180
Sync-on-Green converter for Playstation2This project will provide ready-to-use design ideas, schematics, implementation, transferts picture, component lists and benchmark of devices to convert Sync-on-Green signal output of the Linux (for Playstation 2) kit to a common H/V sync used by standard VGA monitor. Our idea is not to limit ourselve to only one design but several, using different chipset, because the availability and pricing of chipsets widely depend of the country. Till now, we have proof-of-concept design using Elantec chipset and we are working on another design with a National semiconductor chipset.
Texture SwizzlingezSwizzle is a Windows MFC application that allows you to swizzle/unswizzle your textures. It reads a number of formats and has a batch feature to convert all your textures quickly. It generates TIM2 files, but with the source provided it is very easy to change it to generate any format you are using. The documentation also explains the theory behind texture swizzle and has a table with swizzleable sizes and respective speed increases.
 ezSwizzle1.0Release (316 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
 GS Texture Convert1.1Release (4 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
 Texture swizzling doc1.0Release NotesTextureSwizzling.pdf (121 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
The BlackRhino Linux DistributionBlackRhino is a free Debian-based GNU/Linux software distribution for the Sony PlayStation 2. It contains over 1,200 software packages to aid in using and creating programs for the Sony PlayStation 2 GNU/Linux kit. The software packages range in functionality from simple games, to text editors, compilers, web servers, windowing systems, database systems, graphics packages, mail servers and a variety of other tools and utilities. It is released in the hopes that an up-to-date Linux distribution will aid hobbyist game and embedded systems programmers in gaining new skills and creating new software for the PS2 Linux system.
 base image1.0Release Notesblackrhino_baseimage-1.0.tar.gz (21,303 KB)4 Mar, 20032384
 misc files1.1Release NotesXGSConfig-1.1 (6 KB)25 Mar, 20032363
Valiant Counter Attack : Sol MarsValiant Counter Attack : Sol Mars, Valiant in short, is a vertical shoot them up game in 3D :) Valiant tells the story of Mars colony fighting against Earth supremacy. The project objective is to provide an addictive gameplay (hey it's just a shoot) with addictive visuals, sounds and musics. Just as usual, Valiant will be divided in several levels : space, earth, mars, asteroids, orbital stations, etc to provide visual diversity (water on earth, red/orange rocks on mars, gas in jupiter, etc) and gameplay diversity (ground attack on planets, slalom in asteroids field). come later for more info.
VU1 Microcode tutorialsIf you want to enter a VU1 demo competition, like the amateur comp from 2003 (congrats to Kazan!) but have no idea how to get started, you need this microcode tutorial series! Alternatively, if you just want to learn beginners VU coding without the hassle of integrating VU code with EE code, the VU harness might be just what you're looking for. The on-line version has moved! It seems that my website has disappeared, so the VU tutorials are currently at my own site - As a bonus, all of the separate chapters of the VU tuts are now available as PDF files - there is a link on each page.
 Bonus resources0.1Release Notesdefines.h (39 KB)
gen_data_fixed.c (3 KB)
packet.cpp (3 KB)
packet.h (2 KB)
vcl_sml.i (45 KB)
15 Jun, 20032282
 Harnesses0.1Release NotesREADME.harnesses (3 KB)
sauce_eratos_harness_src.tar.gz (42 KB)
26 Jul, 20032241
 Homework answers0.1Release NotesLesson2.txt (3 KB) (6 KB)
22 Jun, 20032275
 Sample Code0.1Release Noteseratos.tar.gz (44 KB) (3 KB)
texcube.tar.gz (38 KB)
24 Jun, 20032273
 VU1 microcode tutorials0.61Release (138 KB)16 Jul, 20032251
vu coding stuffThis is a collection of tools, docs, etc to help vu coding.
 ee-dvp-as guide0.2Release Notesdvp-as-0.2.txt (7 KB)9 May, 20032319
 VU coding tips0.1Release Notesinterleave-0.1.htm (8 KB)17 May, 20032311
 vu syntax hilite for vim0.1Release Notesdvp-syn-vim-0.1.tar.gz (4 KB)30 Apr, 20032328
Xaal'Tiqincis VXaal'Tiqincis V is basically the fifth regeneration of the old Xaal'Tiqincis program that the Digital Challenge Group started writing in 1989. This time without the graphics from Jan-Willem van Aalst, but with 3D graphics provided by the ps2mud client, a project elsewhere on this site. This project will contain example server code for the ps2mud as well as documentation about the project, as well as form an umbrella for all related projects. Note that to run the software, you will need the pike programming languages working on your platform.
 xaal1Release Notesplayer.pike (16 KB)
xaal-1.00.tgz (24 KB)
19 Apr, 20051607
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