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Project Description: The hardware manuals do a great job of describing the PS2 hardware in fine detail. However, they were written before the Linux kit existed, and thus do not refer to methods of using the PS2 hardware from Linux. Linux is an operating system that is itself widely documented, tutorials on using Linux exist all over the net. This project's aim is to bridge the gap - to answer questions directly relating to accessing and using the PS2 hardware from the linux kit.

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Stolen HOWTO!
 PS2 Hardware in Linux HOWTOs - eratosthenes - 2003-Nov-28 08:10
OK, so I stole a HOWTO and added it to the project. The HOWTO in question is "Myrkraverk's extremely short MIPS Assembly HOWTO". It hasn't been updated in a while, but it contains a great deal of info. I couldn't figure out how to just create a simple link, so I've copied the entire front page and updated all the links to point to the documents original location, i.e.

Mrykraverk: If you object to this and wish to complain, or you don't object and wish to congratulate me on resurrecting hits to your wonderful HOWTO, *please* get in touch.

Everyone else: If you have any improvements to make over the existing HOWTO, please attempt to get in touch with Myrkraverk and work on the HOWTO with him. If those attempts fail, only then send updates to me. I don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers with this project, certainly not the likes of great HOWTO authors such as Myrk.
First HOWTO published
 PS2 Hardware in Linux HOWTOs - eratosthenes - 2003-Nov-28 07:19
This first HOWTO was submitted by misterJ and covers setting up PuTTY, SSH and MS Visual Studio to allow you to edit code on a PC, and from a single keypress in MSVS, instruct the PS2 to compile the code. This is *NOT* cross-compiling, the actual compilation is still taking place on the PS2, but you may still find this method a lot easier on you!

I forgot to mention the first time I posted this news item that the HOWTO is in the DOCS section of this project....

Please get some HOWTOs coming in! I'm going to start scanning the forums for recent unanswered questions, and use that to create a list of wanted HOWTOs, if you have your own HOWTO request then get in here and tell us what it is!

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