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Project 3DX3DX is a Linux distrobution for the Playstation 2. Guides, kernels, precompiled programs, and support can be found here.None
Project Ball GameWelcome to Ball Game, your aim is to direct your ball to the goal on each level, sound easy? Then think again, you dont have direct control over your ball, instead you have to shoot it around the level, a bit like a pool ball, but this isn't some nice flat pool table, you'll have to content with gravity, wind, water and slopes, of course you're not entirely helpless, no you can collect power spheres along the way which allow you to change the properties of you ball (such as making it bouncy, or solid and heavy, or even turning it into a cube), but remember you can only carry a few of these spheres at once, it's up to you to decide which ones you want and which ones you leave behind.None
Project Blazing PaintballI would like to create a 2d paintball game with RPG qualities. Including stores, different tarrain, and a variety of weapons. I would like this game to oneday be a online game, for as for now it can be single player. Like for example you could have a certain amount of weight and you have to lvl up by getting splats. You will get money in the game. When you log out of the game your money and equipment is all saved so when you log back in you just keep splatting. There are AL players in the game that shoot back at you. If you would like to take part in creating this game just let me know.None
Project Compiled For Your Convenience

A bunch of useful scripts, binaries, etc of all the stuff you're likely to compile yourself, to help get things up and running quickly when installing a new Linux Kit.

If you have compiled something and would like to submit it to the project, e-mail with an attachment or link. The full list of project admins is available on the project page.

A list of links to useful ps2linux related websites is in the "Docs" tab.

CFYC now has a website.

Need to know what all this software does? Read the CFYC software guide list

Project DaBox demoThis program is intended as a demo for graphics and general programming. It places the user in a 6-sided (4 sides, roof, floor) box basically in which all the sides are texture mapped in the RGB channels and then gloss mapped in the alpha channel. It allows the user to pan the camera based using an analog stick and translate it using the other. It also contains a collision detection algorithm and uses SPS2, PS2GL, PS2SDK, GSLib, and EE-Newlib. It uses the core and both vector units, along with a few IOP modules, including a pad manager, a sound driver (it will have sound), and I can't decide if I should map the analog sticks to the game axes in the IOP or the EE core (I hope I don't have to use a VU for this). It consists of three components: initialization, application-stage graphics processing, the rendering loop, and the input/output components. I render the textures using a small ambient light and I don't believe that any specular or diffuse lighting will play a part.None
Project Elite Black EditionBased on the tutorials provided by Dr H S Fortuna a remake of the 1980's classic 'Elite' for the SONY PlayStation 2 Linux Development Kit. In the initial release only the original game will be available, ie trading/combat, however future addtions include the ability to play 'online', more ships, features (ability to fly around the planet surface for example, co-operation between players, fleet management and control, planetary system control. Work in progress, currently will render all objects, and basic trading is being worked in at the moment.

The new home for this project is located here.
Project FlubbFlubb will be a puzzle/action game in which you'll have to shoot around some ball in a sticky level to reach a goal. The first task of this project will be a gameplay prototype to find out if and exactly how this concept works ;)None
Project Gnu School Step RevolutionGSSR (Gnu School Step Revolution) is a PS2Linux port of a number of open source dance games. GSSR will eventually support any dance pad that is compatible with the PSX versions of Konami's Step Step Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution. It wil also eventually support tempo matching of (almost) any MP3 to sync game arrows with any song loaded.None
Project Homebrew HavenHomebrew Haven provides PS2/Linux kit owners with the documentation, tools and libraries they need to write PS2 native software that is loaded by the RTE bootloader. Such programs are assured full access to the PS2's hardware without the performance and operating system penalties imposed by the Linux operating system. Eventually Homebrew Haven hopes to provide demo, game, and application developers all the tools needed to run both standard and kit-bootable PS2 software.None
Project HyperCubeHyperCube is a fast-paced multiplayer Tetris-like puzzle game. It will support multiplayer via network play with up to 4 simultaneous players, and single console play with 2 players. Bot support for single-player play will eventually be added.None
Project LfP German documentationThe documents that are available now about Linux for Playstation 2 are mainly in english (or japanese)- other languages were not available. That's something this project wants to change a bit: With Your and my help, we can translate important general and technical informations to german. Please feel free to contact me. Die Dokumente, die jetzt über Linux für Playstation 2 erhältlich sind, sind in englisch oder auf japanisch - andere Sprachen sind nicht erhältlich. Das ist etwas, das dieses Projekt ein wenig ändern möchte: mit Deiner und meiner Hilfe können wir die wichtigen allgemeinen und technischen Informationen auf deutsch übersetzen. Bitte kontaktiere mich hierzu.None
Project MIDI monitor Art"MIDI monitor Art" is a one of the visual musical instruments. It's controlled by MIDI messages, then you can perform sound and visual live with playing the MIDI instruments. It's consists of 4 parts, rhythm, bass, harmony, and solo. Please check
Project Music BoxThe purpose of musicbox is to be able to setup playlists quickly to use your ps2 to play music at a party or instead of the radio, etc. Will be fullscreen application with a slick gui. Plays MP3 and OGG files. Controllable completely from the ps2 controller. Will have a plugin architechure to allow you to create 'visualizers' that play along with the music.None
Project Peach GardensPeach Gardens is a 2d adventure game for Playstation 2 Linux kit. The game is situated on a wonderful piece of land, where nothing bad ever happens. In this world, a young boy is about to leave his parents to start a life of his own in some far-away land. As a player, your job is to guide the boy through various challenges that shape his skills and prepare him for his chosen profession. The game features exploration, puzzles, trading, some role-playing elements and mini-games. Peach Gardens uses libps2dev library. Full source code is available at project page.None
Project PlayStandard Linux ProjectPlayStandard is, or will be, a collection of tools designed to optimise the Playstation 2 Linux environment. All PS2 media is designed so it meets the PS2's power, and does not go over. Software developed for linux does not take this into account, and so we hope to delve deep into the Playstation's power and form a guideline for producing future software, providing code snippets and tools, even perhaps a kernel, for doing so. This will make it go faster, eliminating the need for RAM hacks.None
Project PlayStation 2 for EducationThe PlayStation 2 for Education project is for those of us using the PlayStation 2 for education. The project is a place where we pass on to others how we use the PlayStation 2. The project will have reviews of software we use to educate ourselves and software we use when we are at our schools or other places of learning. The project will be a resource for other projects that are building software for education, providing a place to find people interested in some topic or education related project. It can provide help or pointers to more information when that is needed. The PlayStation 2 and the Linux kit provide a good way to learn. This project provides a place to start learning with the PlayStation 2.None
Project Playstation 2 Linux System DocumentationThe P2LSD Project provides documentation for setting up, using and programming for the Playstation 2 Linux system. Items included in the project are FAQs, HOW-TOs and Handbooks about very specific PS2 Linux topics such as "How to use the IPU" and "The Memory Card FAQ".None
Project PlayStation IDE for WindowsPSXIDE codenamed 'KONDEV' has arrived, well at least a snapshot of my development and associated documentation that I have done. KONDEV is (will be) the ultimate in console development so you can develop for consoles like the PlayStation, PlayStation2 (Native or Linux based), Nintendo64, GameCube, XBox, PC (Windows and Linux) you get EVERYTHING you need including editors, debugger, emulator, compilers, docs, libaries, tools. Oh yeah AND THE SOURCE CODE. Contained in the zip file is the following : Windows Binary of the IDE Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Emulator (YES!) Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Debugger Various tools, work in progress The source code to the LOT of it
The new home for KonDev here.
Project printer packsto write, post, modify, and repair various printer drivers for linux ps2. files will provide drivers for printing via network, or USB. None
Project Project LandscapeProject Landscape is a project to develop a 3D commercial standard videogame for the Playstation 2 Linux format. This project is NOT open-source and is only developed by authorised contributors. The only reason this project is not open for development by public contributors is to keep project management simple. Project Landscape will not use any non-PS2L specific 3D APIs such as OpenGL. This project is for PS2L and as such should run independently of a window manager and X-Windows. The Project Landscape page also hosts several other projects including Bang for Quake2 and PS2LQuake.None
30 projects in result set.
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