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Message: 50684
BY: mcnandy
DATE: 2007-Nov-29 07:16
SUBJECT: PS2 Library Availablity


I'm a computer science student and developing a PS2 game at the moment. The only problem is that I cannot stand the editor we're using (vi, I'm not sure if there are more available).

I was just wondering is there anywhere I can get the PS2 libraries, so I can code on something a bit more readable?

Thank you all in advance,


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PS2 Library Availablitymcnandy2007-Nov-29 07:16
      RE: PS2 Library Availablityaik69802007-Nov-29 14:04
      RE: PS2 Library Availablitysparky2007-Dec-01 08:44
      RE: PS2 Library Availablitypcummins2007-Dec-01 18:39


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