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Message: 50496
BY: mcra3005
DATE: 2007-Jul-15 07:22
SUBJECT: Kernal Command line option

Hi I am new to linux,
I am not sure this is the right Forum for this but.
I am trying to start linux on my ps2 using a /dev/ram0 file system first now it launches from the RTE, but after loading a few drivers, it comes up with hda: lost interrupt,
I have googled a few places and they say a work around is to use a Kernal Command line option to disable the apic. My question is this correct?,
I guess I can try it but I am unsure of the format to put in the p2lboot.cnf file, that is I know you are mean't to do option = value, but what are the possible options, and what are the correct values is it off, 0, false etc. Hope someone can point me in the right direction or document even....Thanks.


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Kernal Command line optionmcra30052007-Jul-15 07:22


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