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Message: 50824
BY: panther
DATE: 2008-Apr-10 21:58

Hi i recently noticed that Unreal 3 supports mods for the PS3 version of the game. Not just maps but full on mods as in new games! From what ive seen of pc work based on the previous unreal engine thats actually pretty damn cool on the face of it.

Has this essentially just opened up the PS3? iam not sure exactly what possibilities this has created. For example could one theoreticly create a more richly detailed game based on unreal in the ps3 than what would reasonably be created on PC? poly counts etc, with this standardised hardware.

Or is unreal engine only utilising a small amount of ps3 power?

Iam unable to realy test any of this without a ps3, iam aware this may not appeal to the hardended, down to the metal programmers. But it would appear on the face of it Sony has just gifted the community unreal 3 engine.

Would like to hear what you guys think about this?, it seems like a good combination of security of its hardware on sonys part, but giving the end user the ability to work within sophisticated high level game engines, it seems like full access to an "abstraction" of the ps3.

Is this essentially what we always wanted? The idea of doing code on the ps3, ps2 linux style seems excruciatingly difficult anyway. This way its all about the game design, assets, and clever scripting.....epic post :)


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