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Message: 50647
BY: panther
DATE: 2007-Nov-10 20:13
SUBJECT: shimmering texture artifacts

Hi, ive been having a few problems with a type of shimmering artifact thats most prominent with textures that contain high contrast virtical/horizontal stripes.From what ive been reading, mipmapping is generally considered the soloution to this.

Ive enabled PACK_MIPMAP in the phrase script, but it doesent seem to make much difference in aliviating the problem, i considered that maybe just reducing the resoloution was not enough and that the texture would, in addition need to be blured succesively down the mipmap levels.

I noticed that the conversion tools supported the .DDS file format so went ahead and used the nvidia export tool for photoshop and blured the mipmap levels for the texture. The texture redered fine, however the mipmap settings were ignored, although i was semi-expecting that to happen.

is there anything else i can do to stop these quite pronounced artifacts?


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shimmering texture artifactspanther2007-Nov-10 20:13
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