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Message: 50314
BY: unclepauly
DATE: 2007-Feb-22 05:08
SUBJECT: #pragma not recognised - why?


the g++ compiler on my linux/ps2 kit spits out loads of errors, all of them warnings about #pragma not being obsolete, not recognised, and being ignored.

i am doing stuff like:

#pragma once
#pragma pack
#pragma pop
#pragma warning

any one know why? am i missing a file or something?


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#pragma not recognised - why?unclepauly2007-Feb-22 05:08
      RE: #pragma not recognised - why?sauce2007-Feb-22 12:10
            RE: #pragma not recognised - why?happy2007-Feb-23 09:46
                  RE: #pragma not recognised - why?aik69802007-Nov-06 18:16


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