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Message: 50747
BY: brunorobertson
DATE: 2008-Jan-13 15:10
SUBJECT: PS2 Slim - NFS root

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone can help me to get started on how to compile and boot a linux kernel using a NFS root partition over network. I am trying to use the PS2 diskless project and I have some questions:

1) How is the boot process? How do I tell to Ps2 to use the p2lboot.cnf (that is stored on the MC) to read my kernel configs?

2) Which kernel do I need to use? I am trying to compile the kernel-source-2.2.21-pre1-xr7.tar.gz but its not working very well: I cannot compile due to some errors: "cc: cannot specify -o wirh S or -c and multiple compilations"

3) Can anyone tell something regarding this issue ? (About using PS2 slim and a NFS server - NFS root)

Many thanks in advance!!!



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PS2 Slim - NFS rootbrunorobertson2008-Jan-13 15:10
      RE: PS2 Slim - NFS rootcitronalco2008-May-23 15:24


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