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Message: 50720
BY: mcra3005
DATE: 2007-Dec-13 19:06
SUBJECT: X server 32 bit Support in PAL


To whom it may concern, I have been using various Apps etc on Playstation2 X11 they work well, but one or two would work great in 32bit, unfourtunly,
I am using a TV for my outputsince I don't have a sync on green monitor also, for what I am doing the TV Pal is great. But I can set the Console to 32 bit mode with setcrtmode, but X server will not support it, I can do X11 with 24 bit and 16 bit no problem, is their a hack to make X11 use 32 bit mode via PAL, I know it would be limited size due to 32Mb contrains. Hope to here something.


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X server 32 bit Support in PALmcra30052007-Dec-13 19:06


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