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Message: 50721
BY: mcra3005
DATE: 2007-Dec-13 19:15
SUBJECT: Video Mode Help to Change HFP and HBP


I have been using the LInux Kit for a while, recently, I have been using a App, because of memory restrictions i.e. 32MB Using the App via X11 , the App response time is slow, But the good news the App has SDL support, I can run it from the console setting the mode by setcrtmode first, but unfortunly I found that the HFP, HBP and VFP, VBP are 1/5 of the screen bofere the start of screen and 1/5 of screen down from the top, causing image tobe split, is their anyway to fix theses values on the GPU or via SDL somehow like a variable, I am using the screen in PAL mode i.e. via the TV for my app uses. Hope to here from someone.


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Video Mode Help to Change HFP and HBPmcra30052007-Dec-13 19:15


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