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Message: 50180
BY: draconis
DATE: 2006-Dec-30 06:15
SUBJECT: MIPS Assembly - Hello World


I've got a problem with the following Assembly-Program on PS2:

#include <regdef.h>

.globl main
.ent main

.frame sp, 0, $31

addi v0, zero, 4
lw a0, msg

addi $2, zero, 10

j $31
.end main

msg: .asciiz "Hello World"

I managed to precompile and to compile it, but when I start the resulting binary nothing happens.
No error, no output. Nothing :(

Can anybody please help me?

I wish you a happy new year!


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MIPS Assembly - Hello Worlddraconis2006-Dec-30 06:15
      RE: MIPS Assembly - Hello Worldyosiba2008-Jan-07 21:19


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