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      DMA  Code showing the use of DMA and the libpkt libraries.
      EE  The core MIPS side of the processor (Emotion Engine)
      GS and GIF  Code showing various usages of the GIF and GS (Graphics Synthesiser)
      Peripherals  Stuff that connects to the PS2 externally
          Controllers  Pads, NeGcon, DualShocks, Guns, and other controllers
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Directory: Sample Code
Description: Sample code

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3D graphical MUD ClientThe client uses TCP/IP to connect to a server, which will provide strategic and tactical information regarding the game. Operational decisions are made by the client. The client supports audio using /dev/dsp, graphics using SPS2 (code by Jonathan "Kazan" Hobson), and uses both the pads and the keyboard as interfaces. It will allow people to talk to each other, fight each other and the monsters that are in the MUD, and solve any available quests (two so far). Models are stored in Milkshape 3D format, textures in swizzled tm2 format and audio is currently in 11025 mono 8-bit format, though this could change later. Players can move around with the directional buttons and the left stick, control the camera with the right stick, interact with the environment using the square button, fight using the cross button. Many other options (spells, option screens, mail boxes, et cetera) are available. See the file "CONTROLS" for details. The project is currently looking for people that want to help coding and testing. Please contact me! (Contact me if you download the code, want to use the server, or for any other reason).
 client1.10Release Notesclient-1.00.tgz (313 KB)
client-1.10.tgz (269 KB)
16 May, 20051580
Audio EngineAudio Engine is a API that allows the user to call simple functions such as 'PlaySound' to add sound effects to their projects. Allows upto 16 voices to play at once, each voice having it's own volume and left/right settings. As the API grows, things such as effects like low/high passes, reverb, echo etc will be added based on what users would like.
C and C++ Programming Newbie SocietyThe aim of the C and C++ Programming Newbie Society is to teach programming to a wide variety of skill levels. Ranging from people who have never written code in their lives, to people who are aces in other languages (Such as Perl, PHP, or Visual Basic). There will be links to tutorials, code snippets to download, compile on their PS2's, and learn from, forums in which to discuss programming techniques, and ask for C/C++ help. I myself am on the journey of discovery with C/C++, and will therefore be posting my progress for others to follow. The Playstation2 Linux platform is a new and exciting opportunity for would-be programmers to arise and share their ideas, this project will attempt to bring their ideas to life with the magic of C/C++ and PS2 Linux.
 simple1Release Noteshelloworld-1.0.tar.gz (2 KB)16 May, 20032312
Elite Black EditionBased on the tutorials provided by Dr H S Fortuna a remake of the 1980's classic 'Elite' for the SONY PlayStation 2 Linux Development Kit. In the initial release only the original game will be available, ie trading/combat, however future addtions include the ability to play 'online', more ships, features (ability to fly around the planet surface for example, co-operation between players, fleet management and control, planetary system control. Work in progress, currently will render all objects, and basic trading is being worked in at the moment.

The new home for this project is located here.
 Development ScreenShotsdevRelease Notessshot_06.tga (901 KB)
sshot_14.tga (901 KB)
6 Sep, 2007738
EmotionVJThe purpose of this project is to create a PlayStation2-based visual mixer, that allows you to create your own "clips". Ideally it will work with 3d objects, particles, text and images that you can store on your HDD. Far future plans: support for EyeToy or USB Camera and USB sound sampling (for real-time synchro to the music). It will be like Moderngroove MOS Edition, but open for new visualisation sources.
 evj timers library0.2Release Notes29 Nov, 20032115
Homebrew HavenHomebrew Haven provides PS2/Linux kit owners with the documentation, tools and libraries they need to write PS2 native software that is loaded by the RTE bootloader. Such programs are assured full access to the PS2's hardware without the performance and operating system penalties imposed by the Linux operating system. Eventually Homebrew Haven hopes to provide demo, game, and application developers all the tools needed to run both standard and kit-bootable PS2 software.
 demo-sourceledflashRelease Notesledflash-0.9.tar.gz (3 KB)25 Jun, 20022636
 reload11.1Release Notesreload1-1.0-1.1.diff.gz (2 KB)
reload1-1.1.tar.gz (19 KB)
15 Nov, 20041763
IGGS_PS2 3D engineIGGS_PS2 is the name of the project our team has taken. What this project is about is utilizing the strengths of the PlayStation 2 hardware, as exposed through the SPS2 development library and libps2dev , in a meaningful and understandable way in order to provide strong foundations for a modern game engine using techniques that focus on hardware friendly approaches rather than complete reliance on the Linux operating system abstraction of the PlayStation 2 architecture. Our engine will work towards providing a graphics API (Transformation, Lighting, Clipping, Texturing, etc...) a basic game logic, animation and basics physics support. Our engine will feature also a model loader based on 3DSIntmd and IntmdLoader as provided by the PS2conv project: Ideas and suggestions were taken also from Henry Fortuna's PlayStation 2 Linux home-page at: A lot of thanks go also to Sparky, Sauce, Cashimor, nAo, Fafalada, ERP and others on the #sps2 channel for their help, guidance and moral support (and some deserved kicks in the butt ;)). We want to make a point of a good documentation of the engine's components and of the algorithm/ideas chosen during development as we hope the experience we gather working on PlayStation 2 might be useful to others as well as to ourselves. We will make such documentation available in the future through journals published in HTML format as well as providing pre-compiled and working binaries.
Jase's Funky StuffThis project contains whatever bits of sample code and other useful tidbits I write or port across to PS2 Linux. Most graphics related, as I tend to spend most of my time doing things with the GS and Vector Units.
 Cel ShadingV1.0Release Notescell_shading.tgz (287 KB)1 Jun, 20022661
 Flicker Fixed Kernel0.1Release Notesflicker_fixed_kernel_hack.txt (4 KB)11 Jun, 20022651
 Hard TuningV1.1Release (4,997 KB)9 Feb, 20032408
lesschessThis is a port from OpenGL to SPS2 of a simple, fast, 3D chessboard program. Not all of the chess moves are yet implemented, e.g. castling, and no checking for endgame situations (like checkmate or stalemate) is performed. However, it compiles and runs perfectly fine, and is perfect for those moments that you don't have a chessboard handy...
 lesschess0.11Release Noteslesschess-0.1.1-PS2.tar.gz (121 KB)31 Jan, 20042052
obj2dsm - make ps2linux samples .dsmobj2dsm is a conversion utilitie. convert wavefront .obj 3d files to vu assembly .dsm files. support stripped format.
 obj2dsm_01.cpp0.1Release Notesobj2dsm.cpp (18 KB)2 Sep, 20022568
 obj2dsm_01.zip0.1Release (171 KB)2 Sep, 20022568
OpenGL Stuff: sample OpenGL codeOpenGL example code and other OpenGL related stuff. If you would like to learn how to program graphics with OpenGL then, Checkout the examples here to learn how, starting with the basics in 2D graphics up to basic 3D graphics. (see for more info about the language)
 AC3DViewac3d-viewRelease Notesac3d_view-demo-tri-files.tar.gz (32 KB)
opengl-ac3d_view-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (44 KB)
18 Aug, 20022582
 OpenGL demosopengl-demosRelease Notesopengl-asteroids-linux.tar.gz (4 KB)
opengl-worms-linux.tar.gz (7 KB)
16 Aug, 20022584
 OpenGL Examplesopengl-asnRelease Notesopengl-asn1-mips-linux.tar.gz (45 KB)
opengl-asn2-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (50 KB)
opengl-asn3alpha-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (47 KB)
opengl-asn4-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (49 KB)
opengl-asn5alpha-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (51 KB)
opengl-asn6-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (48 KB)
opengl-asn-all-mipsel-linux.tar.gz (277 KB)
30 Jun, 20022631
Peach GardensPeach Gardens is a 2d adventure game for Playstation 2 Linux kit. The game is situated on a wonderful piece of land, where nothing bad ever happens. In this world, a young boy is about to leave his parents to start a life of his own in some far-away land. As a player, your job is to guide the boy through various challenges that shape his skills and prepare him for his chosen profession. The game features exploration, puzzles, trading, some role-playing elements and mini-games. Peach Gardens uses libps2dev library. Full source code is available at project page.
 images1.0Release Notescave.png (59 KB)
city.png (67 KB)
face.png (306 KB)
mapedit.png (51 KB)
21 Apr, 20051606
 mapedit1.1Release Notesmapedit-1.1.tar.gz (429 KB)18 Jan, 20051699
 source0.1Release Notespgardens-0.1.tar.gz (1,613 KB)21 Jun, 20051545
PlayStation 2 for EducationThe PlayStation 2 for Education project is for those of us using the PlayStation 2 for education. The project is a place where we pass on to others how we use the PlayStation 2. The project will have reviews of software we use to educate ourselves and software we use when we are at our schools or other places of learning. The project will be a resource for other projects that are building software for education, providing a place to find people interested in some topic or education related project. It can provide help or pointers to more information when that is needed. The PlayStation 2 and the Linux kit provide a good way to learn. This project provides a place to start learning with the PlayStation 2.
PS2 Game Engineps2engine comes from our school project. Our team, Delusional Studios, are taking the Electronic Game Design course at NBCC Miramichi. For our final product for next year, we are doing a ps2 game called Demonic Psychosis. In order to be able to make the game in time next year, I am starting the coding for the game engine now. The game engine so far supports a DMA memory manager, a DMA packet engine that supports automatic packet stitching with 32, 64 and 128 bit support, a DMA packet scheduler that allows you to flag packets to be sent or not and build a call list and send the call list for each DMA channel independent of each other. The game engine will eventually support quake 3 level support for interiors, quad trees for the outside areas, key-frame and skeletal animation with quake 2 models, light-wave models and custom file formats for optimized models. The custom model support allows user's to enter openGL like commands to enter vertexes, normals, colors. The matrix manager also is openGL like and contains all off the commands from openGL including scaling, translation, rotation and also a view matrix, projection matrix, camera matrix and model matrix. Plus two other matrixes used for lighting. There will be many more additions to the game engine as time goes by.
PS2 Hardware in Linux HOWTOsThe hardware manuals do a great job of describing the PS2 hardware in fine detail. However, they were written before the Linux kit existed, and thus do not refer to methods of using the PS2 hardware from Linux. Linux is an operating system that is itself widely documented, tutorials on using Linux exist all over the net. This project's aim is to bridge the gap - to answer questions directly relating to accessing and using the PS2 hardware from the linux kit.
PS2 Neural Network SimulatorPS2Neural is low-level framework to support running neural networks, optimized for the PS2's hardware (Hebbian-like and error-corrector/backprop). Some ps2neural developers are also interested in developing visualization plugins using the GS.
 ps2neural-docs20020515-01Release Noteslibps2dev-0.9.tar.gz (808 KB)
vu_parallel_test.tar.gz (67 KB)
15 May, 20022677
PulsarA 3d space ship shoot-em-up. Will run under native mode (not linux) using the psal library. The psal library is being developed along side Pulsar.
 pulsar-techdemo0.1Release Notes2 Nov, 20022507
Xaal'Tiqincis VXaal'Tiqincis V is basically the fifth regeneration of the old Xaal'Tiqincis program that the Digital Challenge Group started writing in 1989. This time without the graphics from Jan-Willem van Aalst, but with 3D graphics provided by the ps2mud client, a project elsewhere on this site. This project will contain example server code for the ps2mud as well as documentation about the project, as well as form an umbrella for all related projects. Note that to run the software, you will need the pike programming languages working on your platform.
 xaal1Release Notesplayer.pike (16 KB)
xaal-1.00.tgz (24 KB)
19 Apr, 20051607
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