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Project Description: The xRhino Linux kernel is a public kernel project to upgrade the standard 2.2.1 Playstation 2 Linux kernel to the latest 2.2.x series kernel and eventually the latest 2.4.x series kernel.

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xRhino releases 2.2.26-xr1 PS2 Linux kernel by Robson Braga Araujo
 xRhino Linux Kernel - msporny - 2004-Jul-10 09:51
Robson Braga Araujo has taken the base patch set for 2.2.21-pre1-xr7 and applied it successfully to a stock 2.2.26 Linux kernel. We have released this software for testing by the community. Note that this kernel is still considered experimental and we cannot guarantee that it is stable. Infact, it might burn your house down to the ground - use at your own risk =P.

You can download the latest xRhino kernel at:


Please post to the xrhino-kernel-devel mailing list if you have problems (or any success) with the new kernel:

xrhino-kernel project releases 2.2.21-pre1-xr7
 xRhino Linux Kernel - msporny - 2002-Jul-08 10:31
At long last the 2.2.x series kernel for the Playstation 2 is nearing completion with the release of 2.2.21-pre1-xr7. This is a completely updated Playstation 2 Linux kernel that should work on any commercial PS2 Linux kit. The kernel is ready for users to start downloading and testing. Kernel binaries and source can be found at the xrhino-kernel project.

The 2.2.21-xr7 release is a big jump that brings us to the forefront of mainstream 2.2.21 kernel development. Once 2.2.21 is stable, we plan to immediately start on a 2.4.x port for the Playstation 2 Linux kernel. But, for 2.2.21 to become stable, we need people to brutally test it!
New xRhino kernel up-ports for networking, IPC and ext3
 xRhino Linux Kernel - msporny - 2002-May-28 14:07
Work on up-porting the 2.2.1 series kernel to the 2.2.20 kernel continues and in celebration of the Playstation 2 Linux kit launching in the US and Europe, we are releasing the latest updates to the kernel!

Major changes include a full blown up-port from 2.2.1 to 2.2.20 for the networking, IPC and script helper subsystems of the kernel. Ext3 support (and journaling support in general) has also been added to the xr4 release.

The contributions keep rolling in... many thanks to everybody that has been participating in Playstation 2 kernel development (lethal, mrbrown, ecl and the many others that helped test and patch the xr3 release).
First release of xRhino Playstation 2 Linux kernel
 xRhino Linux Kernel - msporny - 2002-Mar-28 10:30
Hey you crazy PS2 Linux kernel hackers! :)

We have just made our internal development PS2 Linux kernel available to the public. The new additions to the kernel are a completely updated 2.2.20 filesystem and memory management layer. Lots of bug fixes and some performance enhancements.

Our goal is to work with the PS2 Linux community to get a completely updated 2.2.20 PS2 Linux kernel out there by the end of this year. We know there are other porting efforts out there, but none of them seem to make their source available. If you're a kernel hacker or are just interested in checking out the source, its in the Files section of this project.

Happy Hacking!

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