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  Documentation  Documentation
      Conference Materials/Presentations  Conference materials and presentations
      File Formats  Documentation of file formats
      Hardware Manuals  Documentation on the PS2 hardware
  Drivers and SDKs  Libraries, drivers, and associated APIs for using them
  Sample Code  Sample code
      DMA  Code showing the use of DMA and the libpkt libraries.
      EE  The core MIPS side of the processor (Emotion Engine)
      GS and GIF  Code showing various usages of the GIF and GS (Graphics Synthesiser)
      Peripherals  Stuff that connects to the PS2 externally
          Controllers  Pads, NeGcon, DualShocks, Guns, and other controllers
          USB  USB mice, keyboards, cameras, etc.
      VU and VIF  Code using the VU (Vector Units) and VIF (Vector unit InterFace)
  Tools  Tools and applications
      Audio  Audio tools
      Graphics  Graphics tools
      Programming  Programming tools
          Utilities  Programming utilities
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Directory: GS and GIF
Description: Code showing various usages of the GIF and GS (Graphics Synthesiser)

Project NameDescription
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KISS RendererThe KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) renderer is a basic Path 1 rendering library built on top of SPS2 and intmdloader. It supports backface culling, trivial clipping and a simple parallel/ambient lighting model. A set of functions are supplied for uploading VU1 microcode, geometry and texture data. The library could be used as the basis for a game engine, or as sample code when developing your own renderer.
 documentation0.1Release Notesrenderdocs-0.1.tar.gz (16 KB)27 Apr, 20041965
 library0.5Release Notesrender-0.5.tar.gz (27 KB)5 Nov, 20032139
 samples0.5Release Notesrendertest-0.5.tar.gz (104 KB)5 Nov, 20032139
MIDI monitor Art"MIDI monitor Art" is a one of the visual musical instruments. It's controlled by MIDI messages, then you can perform sound and visual live with playing the MIDI instruments. It's consists of 4 parts, rhythm, bass, harmony, and solo. Please check
 test-drumver003Release Notesver003.tar.gz (106 KB)24 Jan, 20042059
Old School Games with SPS2.I will be rewriting some old games like Pong, Pacman, Breakout and Space Invaders for example. The purpose is to create a few more examples of using the SPS2 library. The code needs to be well commented so beginners can understand it. This is more a tutorial than a rewrite of games, some files might even just be examples in stead of games. All code, graphics and sound needs to be created from scratch so the games will not be identical to their originals. The examples does require sps2 0.4.0 or later. Please E-mail me with questions or suggestions. Thanks to Steven "Sauce" Osman for writing the SPS2. Thanks to Henry S Fortuna for the excellent Tutorial. /Bamse
 01 Plong1.0Release (140 KB)18 Aug, 20041851
 02 Bleakout1.0Release (155 KB)18 Aug, 20041851
 03 Background1.0Release (806 KB)20 Aug, 20041849
 04 PaceInvaders1.0Release (275 KB)11 Sep, 20041827
 05 WobbleSprite1.0Release (180 KB)21 Sep, 20041817
 06 Airwar0.1Release (50 KB)22 Sep, 20041816
 07 PlacMan0.1Release (157 KB)23 Sep, 20041815
 08 Game Harness1.0Release (219 KB)24 Oct, 20041784
Texture SwizzlingezSwizzle is a Windows MFC application that allows you to swizzle/unswizzle your textures. It reads a number of formats and has a batch feature to convert all your textures quickly. It generates TIM2 files, but with the source provided it is very easy to change it to generate any format you are using. The documentation also explains the theory behind texture swizzle and has a table with swizzleable sizes and respective speed increases.
 ezSwizzle1.0Release (316 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
 GS Texture Convert1.1Release (4 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
 Texture swizzling doc1.0Release NotesTextureSwizzling.pdf (121 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
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