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      DMA  Code showing the use of DMA and the libpkt libraries.
      EE  The core MIPS side of the processor (Emotion Engine)
      GS and GIF  Code showing various usages of the GIF and GS (Graphics Synthesiser)
      Peripherals  Stuff that connects to the PS2 externally
          Controllers  Pads, NeGcon, DualShocks, Guns, and other controllers
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Directory: Conference Materials/Presentations
Description: Conference materials and presentations

Project NameDescription
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AGDC Presentations 2002This project contains two presentations that were given by staff from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at the Australian Game Developers Conference 2002. Sarah Ewen (sarahe) - "Console Yourself", about the Linux kit. Dave Carter (dcarter) - "Introducing PS2 to PC Programmers", self explanatory. We hope you find them useful. Feel free to contact us via the site with any questions.
 Presentations1.0Release Notes081202-agdc2002-Console_Yourself-sewen.ppt (1,748 KB)
Introducing_PS2_to_PC_programmers.ppt (292 KB)
16 Jan, 20032432
GDC 2002 Playstation 2 clippingPresentation: Playstation 2 clipping using VU microcode ( GDC 2002 ) Implementation of a fast clipping renderer optimised for triangle strips. Example of how to use the CLIP instruction in the vector unit.
 Presentation slides1.0Release NotesFinal-GDC2002-ClippingPS2.pdf (92 KB)4 Jun, 20022658
Jase's Funky StuffThis project contains whatever bits of sample code and other useful tidbits I write or port across to PS2 Linux. Most graphics related, as I tend to spend most of my time doing things with the GS and Vector Units.
 Cel ShadingV1.0Release Notescell_shading.tgz (287 KB)1 Jun, 20022661
 Flicker Fixed Kernel0.1Release Notesflicker_fixed_kernel_hack.txt (4 KB)11 Jun, 20022651
 Hard TuningV1.1Release (4,997 KB)9 Feb, 20032408
PS2 Demo and Presentation ProjectThinking about lugging your PS2 to your local LUG (Linux Users Group) for a presentation, but not sure what to show off? Interested in writing little demo applications to show off what the PS2 can do, to be shown at LUGs and computer fairs? Then this project is for you! This project will provide a space where people interested in presenting Linux for the PS2 at user group meetings and community computer fairs can get together to show off their tips, tricks, and ideas for successfully presenting Linux for the PS2, can discuss new presentation ideas, and can post their PS2 Linux presentation horror stories :). This space will also provide a place where demonstration developers can get together to produce software intended to show off the PS2's capabilities for use at such presentations. This could be anything from multimedia slideshow templates you can use for giving a presentation to your local LUG, to self-rumming demonstrations for use at computer fairs and trade shows. Lastly, this space will also act as a place for members of the PS2 Linux community to announce upcoming demonstrations of Linux for the PS2.
 images1.0Release Notespsx-paper.jpg (67 KB)26 Jun, 20032271
 Presentations1.0Release Notestoronto-IT-Event-ps2linux-oct2003.tgz (1,561 KB)5 Nov, 20032139
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