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Project Description: This project will build some kind of Applications like BitTorrent Client, Mplayer, GTK2+ etc...for PS2-Linux

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Email me when this package is updated C_Torrent 1.3.4 Examine archive contents ctorrent-ps2linux-1.3.4.tar.gz (555 KB)
Email me when this package is updated MPlayer 1.0.1 Examine archive contents mplayer-1.0.1-pre7-ps2linux.tar.gz (2.2 MB)
Email me when this package is updated PS2Linux_Min_Howto_CN 1.0 PS2_linux_guide_cn.pdf (231 KB)

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My First Build of MPlayer For PS2
 PlayStation Applications - beter_hans - 2006-Oct-29 10:27
here's a very early build. CLI MODE Only.
you can play MP3 WMA etc.. with any bitrate.
and its also with AVI MPEG DIVX XVID ..etc support. but don't try it.
the PS2 system is too slow for it
 PlayStation Applications - beter_hans - 2006-Oct-28 11:46
Hi all
im a newbi to Linux.
the C Torrent for PS2 is my first compiled binary code for PS2 Linux

Read the INSTALL_PS2LINUX before Install
don't type "configure" or "make"
make install!

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