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Changes: 2002-06-26 - updated OpenSSH to v3.4p1 which fixes a security hole with s/key passwords. Set the following options in /etc/ssh/sshd_config ChallengeResponseAuthentication no - or for more security use (UsePrivelegeSeparation doesn't work with compression for PS2 Linux) UsePrivilegeSeparation yes Compression no 2002-06-25 - updated OpenSSH to v3.3p1 which protects against a root exploit, that hasn't been released yet. After install set the following options in /etc/ssh/sshd_config UsePrivilegeSeparation yes Compression no - Compression does not work in this release, a new release will be be available soon. 2002-06-23 - added kdevelop 1.3 (hacked from Suse) patched by rushwind ( - added kdbg 1.2.0 (from RH 7x) 2002-06-12 - added Maelstrom (an asteroids like game) requires SDL. 2002-06-06 - added pre-compiled version of xmms, not rpm yet. will work on that. -M 2002-06-02 - Added OpenSSH, OpenSSL (from RH7.3) see SRPMs for the modified source packages - Minor changes to the spec files, added mipsel support patches Added Dillo, vim, smpeg, epic and nano. First Release.