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Release Name: 0.031 [Download]

"Learning" is the temporary name for a series of tutorials which will demonstrate
a few tricks to make the code more efficient on a PS2.
The convertion tool to create "stripped" mode files used in this sample can be
found on the ps2conv project.

Changes: 0.031: Minor bug corrected - Corrected a weird error in the logging function that made the whole program crashes in some occasions. To apply the patch instead of downloading the whole package again, get "learning03to031.diff", go in the directory in which you copied learning/version03, type "patch -p0 < learning03to031.diff". 0.03: Far from good yet Features: - Bugs all over the place. - Uses libps2dev. - Stripped model loading. - GIF/VIF packets building. - Rendering through PATH1. - Poor comments. - No documentation.